Guess what I purchased today?

zofieAugust 18, 2005

This afternoon I drove home a 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid. YIPEEEEEEE! :)

The MPG listed is 50/60 for highway/city ... totally unbelievable! It has a very smooth ride and the acceleration is good too for a 4-CYL.

If anyone is planning on buying a 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid, you'd better hurry up. The dealer told me that people are on waiting lists for weeks (for the few remaining). The new 2006 comes out Oct/Nov timeframe. One thing for sure, there's no negotiating on the sticker prices for hybrids. Don't even try. LOL!

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Congratulations, but don't be disappointed when you don't get the listed sticker mileage. Few owners, if any, have. There are reports of this on all the major Auto websites.

EPA MPG estimates are a guide, but have little to do with reality... ;-)


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What really irritates me about this is that GM and Ford have nothing to compete against this Toyota.

What in the world is wrong with our manufacturers ???

I have heard that GM is concentrating on trucks as the profits are much greater...
I feel as if I am witnessing the end of the American auto business, or maybe a lot more !!!! The beginning of the end started over 30 years ago...

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We just bought a new Scion XB and looked a bit at the Prius. Great cars. The salsemen even said dont expect the posted gas milegae #'s, but even so, your stil going to get great gas mpg!! Congrats on the purchase

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COOL! keep us posted on how you like it. would look at one myself but i only drive about 6000 miles a yr, not even hardly worth owning a car.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Prius ownership. Please visit to find a whole community of Prius owners some of whom beat the EPA milage estimates and some who don't. Getting the EPA milage estimates depends alot on your driving techniques (no "pedal to the metal" starts and no "slamming on brakes" stops), the type of driving you do, the terrain where you drive and a host of other variables. A group of posters on Priuschat just drove one tank of gas trying to maximize their milage and averaged over 100mpg. Check it out on the site.

Did you find the drawer under the center console yet? How about the neat place in the lower glove compartment to store the "how to drive it" books? Did you know that there is a place for the tonneau cover to be stored down where the spare tire is?

I hope you enjoy your Prius. We have certainly enjoyed ours 2004 Prius.

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My milage averages 48 to 50 mpg. Most of my miles are interstate miles with some short (less than 2 miles of stop and go) trips to the store and work. 50 mpg on the highway at 65mph is easy. Its the 60 around town that is hard because of the traffic and short trips.

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Hi jlhug, thank you for the welcome to the Prius family. I am happy to be a member! ;-)

I found today & there's some good information there. I was lucky in that a friend just purchased a Prius 3 weeks ago. So he told me all about the "break-in" period, and what I should and should not do for the first 600 miles. I commute to work four days of the week, and average a daily 55-mile roundtrip. I use the city streets & freeways every day to drive to work & back. So my decision to purchase a Prius will work out great for my driving needs.

I've only had my Prius for 2 days, but I sure love it! As I drive, I watch the panel display for MPG readings and am learning fast as to what my car likes & dislikes. It's a great real-time learning tool. The mileage I am getting is above the posted 50/60. I'm not heavy on the pedal when I start, don't speed, and I take advantage of a lot of "coasting" ...which the Prius really likes! :)

I haven't had a chance to look thru every nook inside the car, but I will sure find the spots you mentioned above. Thanks for the info.

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Congratulations!!! Great mileage but one funky looking vehicle though. I sure hope that they improve the design.

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