Maintaining a car you don't drive often

sink000August 9, 2009

What should be done to keep a car running well that you don't drive much? I have a car that I use for long road trips (which is roughly once a month) and is not my daily driver. I need a truck for my daily driver, which gets terrible fuel mileage and explains why I have the other car.

That said, I know cars are made to run -- not sit around. Seals, batteries, tires, hoses, etc. I'm sure are suffering when I don't use them. What should be done to keep it in good shape? Just start it once a week??

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Sounds like aside from maybe a float charger, you don't need anything. If your vehicle is getting up to normal operating temperature and staying there long enough for moisture and unburned hydrocarbons to get cleared out, you're in good shape. Probably easier on a vehcle to be driven 100 miles per trip once a month rather than a daily driver that goes a couple miles per day. jmo + $1 will get you a cup of coffee.

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