Very simple 'copycat' tablescape

luvstocraftJanuary 30, 2011

I loved Jeanne, Jane, and Candy's pinecone and greenery centerpieces and when I saw Jane and Candy's bird plates, it reminded me that I hadn't used mine this year.

I had invited my son and his family for dinner, so I quickly did a copycat table. I didn't try to put too much on it since we like to sit the food on the table.

Thought I'd share a few pics since I've not been participating much lately.

Here's the centerpiece:

View of the whole table:

Closeup of one of the Debbie Mumm salad plates. Each one has a different design and an ACORN border! Now you know that I just love them! LOL

And our little DGD gets her very own special plate--at age 6, princess dishes are preferred you know. LOL

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Oh, I see a special plate there, too! How wonderful, luvs...that you've got your family there to sit down to this table! Love your centerpc! Very pretty! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Luvs...I remember these plates...especially the pretty border on them..I'm so glad you thought to use them before the season is over. (Got Snow)? lol
I like the blue you chose as an accent. It works well with everything, including your pretty CP.
I too see a place setting for your 'Little Princess'! Children love a 'special' place at the table...I'm sure your DGD loved hers.
I'm glad we were able to remind you of your pretty dishes to do a 'copycat'!! lol


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What a pretty little winter table! The blue is perfect!
But you just had to go and show me a cardinal plate, with ACORNS no less!! You've joined the other Enablers adding to my "want" list the last few days. I was on a site that had probably a hundred cardinal plates, and I only saw a couple that I really wanted. But you guys...didn't take a second to want the ones y'all found. LOL.

I'm so glad you did a table, and Princess setting for little GD is sweet. The centerpiece is definitely a can you beat pinecones and greenery! And ACORNS! LOL

hugs, Karen

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I love the blue, it really gives it a cozy look. I can't believe that everybody has beautiful cardinal dishes, yours are right up there at the top. I'm not going to look for them, but if I happen to see some.....
Great table and your so sweet to set DGD princess plate for here.

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Luvs, it's nice to see the blue placemats on your your bird
table. Your centerpiece in the basket turned out great with the candle, greenery, pinecones and acorns. I like how you drapped the blue and wht striped cloth over the edge with a branch.

The little deer and birds are perfect accents on your table. I love the little princess setting for DGD too.


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Pretty table, Luvs, and I really LOVE those salad plates, too! I don't recall seeing them before, but how can you go wrong with pine cones, acorns and cardinals? You can't!

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Thanks everyone! Yes, little GD loved her special plate. The cutest part (she always says something cute you know)was when her Mom was putting food on the plate for her and she said "I know not to eat too much of this food because Grandma always makes dessert for ME". LOL Aren't kids just the cutest? ;o) (Yes, she got dessert--fresh strawberries over ice cream.)

I don't know if you can see it clearly or not, but the band on the edge of the Debbie Mum plate has blue in it so that's what gave me the idea to go with blue this time. There are several colors in them so black, white, red, gold, green, etc. would all probably work with them. I'd sure love to run across some plates with a black/white checkerboard rim sometime--that would be fun with them, don't you think?


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I love how you pulled the blue out of those plates. The stems are so pretty!

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Now look what you and Debbie Mumm made me go and buy...

I was specifically looking for the one cardinal plate I wanted, and found it on eBay easily but with shipping it would be $22. I'm not sure I want to pay that much. I decided to browse the other D.M. Christmas plates. NOT a good idea, LOL.

hugs (I think) Karen

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LOL, purplemoon! That's a cutie ...& quite least I've never seen it before! Enabler 'luvs! LOL! Jeanne S.

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OK. Which one of you gals deleted my post?????

I know I wrote one, I probably just didn't hit the final Submit Button. I've been doing that lately, but I usually realize it before I go on to something else.

All Debbie Mumm's (is that her name?) designs are so cute. And she does but a few colors in the boarders, so you can match with some of your solid colored plates. I like that. I have a corn-themed one (just one) and I am looking to find a decent price on a couple more.

I just have to say something about your granddaughter's comment. Doesn't that just MAKE your day! Or rather, your week.

The reason I know I tried to post here before, is that I remember the placemats. I really, really like them. I prefer rectangles (wide ones too) over round ones. And I like the quilted look. You know, I don't think I have any quilted ones. I have a million and I like quilted ones and I don't have any quilted ones. How did that happen????
Well, I like yours, so I have to go shopping.

Like the centerpiece too with all the needles sticking out everywhere. Jeanne does that a lot. Always looks so nice.

Karen, I'm sure Debbie designed those plates especially for you (and Mr. Trouble). What a kick!

Oh gosh. I'm rambling. I'll keep still now. - And I hit the Submit Button.

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Wonderful table, the plates are so pretty I'm sure your granddaughter felt like a grownup with her own special plate,You are right our GKS always say something cute.They have a way of touching our hearts.
Karen Love your plate too. It's a good thing I don't know how to get on Ebay or I'd probably be in BIG trouble.
That's alright DON'T tell me how!!!

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Debbie Mumm has a set of Christmas Cat plates, tho this was the only one I really wanted. And she has other cat plates as well. I love browsing eBay and seeing all the different plates by her.

NanaK, you don't have to learn how to bid or register so you can. You can just go look, kind of like window shopping. LOL.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Debbie Mumm

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Karen, that is the perfect plate for you. Love it. I picked out dishes from Debbie Mumm on your post to ebay for all of you. As I browsed it was amazing how I put your names with her different pieces. Wish I was loaded and bet the sellers do too.

Luvs, thanks for pointing out why you used the blue on your table. I don't think I would of noticed the blue band around your plates. I agree the blk/wht checkered plates would be awesome with these. I'm loving all the polka dot plates I'm seeing on here too.

I have a few quilted placemats that were DM but don't tend to buy them as they are usually $5.99 each when I see them.


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Hey, I saw some mugs on that site that match Candy's spring plates! Did you all see them? I like some of those cookie jars too--but storage is an issue for them.


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