Double Wall Oven & Cook top or Double oven range?

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMarch 20, 2013

The time has come to purchase appliances.

Everything has been chosen except for the ovens, and you have all convinced me to go with induction for the cook top.

Kitchen Aid makes a range with an induction top, and a double convection/regular electric oven. The top oven is big enough for a baking pan or cookie sheet, and the bottom one is big enough for a turkey.

That is one choice. I'm used to double wall ovens and a separate cook top. Currently one of our wall ovens is not working, so I always use the bottom one.

Anyone have experience with the double oven range?

Please share. I love to hear your experiences.


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you'll get more oven space with two wall ovens over a range with two ovens, plus you can place one or both at a more useable height. WIth a range they are always below counter height.

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I love what I did - I went with a cooktop and wall ovens - one is a speed oven and the other a convection oven.
I can use the speed oven as a MW, convection oven, speed oven (awesome - see my post about being creative), and as a warming oven...
Then, I have the oven below for general baking.

I don't miss trying to cook while baking - the heat level was always high! - But thought that was the norm...

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My experience is very different. 13 years ago, I put in two full ranges (4 burners on each one) in two different parts of my kitchen. Space was not a problem, and we entertained frequently with multiple cooks in the kitchen. I also have two dishwashers, so was able to make two work triangles. It has worked very well, although I can see your point about trying to cook while baking and the heat generated.

The main point I wanted to make was that at the time, I bought an expensive ($1600) Kitchen Aid convection range. It has been nothing but a nightmare. I often cannot broil and cook on the cooktop at the same time--it shorts out the entire range. This happened within the first 6 months of owning it, and the repairman said that the model was really just for show and the circuitry wasn't sufficient to handle heavy cooking! Since then, the electronic control pads don't register, so if I want the oven to be at 350, I have to press in 349 because the 5 and the 0 don't work! The convection never worked properly. Horrible waste of money. I can't wait to get something else, and I'll never get another Kitchen Aid.

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We did the same thing as a2gemini.
We have an induction cooktop, an oven below counter but not under the cooktop, and we have a speed oven built into the wall at a height that is convenient for us.

We love this arrangement, we had a range before.

The speed oven gets a lot of use, first as a microwave but then as a regular oven and a speed oven. Potatoes are done in 14 minutes, instead of an hour (Including preheating). Most things that we (bake, roast or speed cook on a daily basis) fit in the speed oven, so the big oven is really only needed for big turkeys, a really big ham, etc etc.

If we are preparing a large meal, like we did for St Patrics day, then having both an oven and a speed oven comes in real handy!


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Thanks for all your input! I had to look up "speed oven," because I've never even heard of such a thing.

Our decision was easy because I wanted a 36" induction cook top, and the only range 36" wide is some brand we never heard of at a price we were not willing to pay.

So, we'll be doing the double wall oven thing with a separate induction cook top.

Thanks to all of you!

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Glad that you made your decision and now on to the ovens!
Here is a picture of our ovens - Wolf on the bottom and GE Advantium on the top - coordinated trims. I have the Advantium as high as possible based on both of us being a bit taller than average - It does open like an oven, so you don't want to go too high.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Wow! Thanks for posting this fabulous solution! Now I need to count the costs! DH is big on that!! :-))


Love those lower cabinet drawers!

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Desert - total cost for cooktop plus 2 single ovens is definitely higher than most ranges (I say most as there are some high end ranges that would knock my socks off!)

Desert - the drawer under the ovens is taller - but do take time with your KD to determine the best height for you.

I didn't want to crawl on the floor to put things into and out of the oven. I really wanted the lower oven a couple inches higher but KD said a problem due to the speed oven opening just like an oven (I wanted the Advantium 240)
She was right - it is perfect for me - I am 5'7" plus a bit.

I also decided I wanted 2 single ovens (even if I went with the same brand so that I can replace each one individually).

PS - I don't think DH figured out how much over budget I went.. (Not outrageous but definitely over planned amount :-)

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I love my separate double wall oven and cooktop arrangement. But have you read my previous posts about Kitchenaid Induction? It's pretty noisy. Some poor guy even put up a Youtube video showing how loud his K-aid induction is, and someone posted it here a few weeks ago. His is a lot worse than mine, but still. It clicks as the magnets come on and off, and it buzzes. It's not awful, and it has very small clearances so I could put a drawer under it and a cab very close to it, and the bridge burner is nice, and the hob arrangement is good, but you really should hear one before you buy. Maybe a Bosch, Elux or Miele, instead?

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