Step bumper and mounting trailer 'ball'

jerry_njAugust 22, 2005

I have a new pickup with a metal/crome step bumper. The flat top of the bumper has a rubber-like onlay, and it covers the hole in the metal that is there to take a trailer ball. It appears one just cuts the rubber away, to gain access to the hole.

Being this surface is very visible it would be best if one cut a very clean hole to maintain a clean appearance. Then too, the shoulder on the ball will cover any small roughness in the cut. Any advice on what to cut with?

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maybe a spade bit at a very slow speed.?

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How about spring for a frame mounted hitch/receiver? Better hitch, saves your new bumper, pull a pin and remove the ball mount when your not using it. Cost you probably $200 if you bolt the thing up yourself.

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I like that idea, too. If you pull from the bumper you're pretty limited on how much you can tow. The frame-mounted ones can pull up to whatever your truck's towing limit is.

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I towed a trailer ONCE using the bumper. Never again! It makes the truck squiggly and you lose a lot of control. Spring for the hundred bucks for a receiver. Any trailer you pull will be level and the control is there!

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If you dont really plan on using the trailer but just want add a ball for "just in case" use. I dont think a bumper hitch is that bad from what i have used ona small truck. If your towing 2000 lbs that should be fine.
I would try using a Dremel or even call the dealer and explain that to them that your factory equiped tow bumper is not cut out.

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Thanks, I did have a large receiver on my last pickup.

My use of the hitch is limited to towing an aluminum 16' fishing boat, not more than 1500 pounds. The turck is a new Chevy Colorade, 2WD (but with the great GM option of traction control and automatic locking differential, I look forward to seeing haw well that works as a substitute for light-duty 4WD needs) and the bumper isn't "too" high. I think I'll try the bumper and see how it goes (most trips are under 30 miles).

By the way, the "T" adaptor to get into the break/running/turn lights is great. The package was under $40 and was installed in under 15 minutes. I don't know when truck manufactureres started providing that connector near the rear, but it is a great improvement.

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