Cooktop and oven help!!

tonytan28March 26, 2014

I need some help!

I have a rather old D'amani cooktop and a PYE oven. The cooktop is on top of the oven. When I turn on the cooktop or the oven separately, they work fine by themselves.

But when I turn them both on at the same time, they both switch off after a couple of seconds. I then have to go to the main fuse box in the house and flick the switch back on.

This happens over and over again.

I am not sure if the cooktop is faulty or the oven is faulty. Any ideas? And how can I fix this problem?

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Is this a "recent problem", IE have you been able to use both the oven and the cook top at the same time, prior to your post here?

If so, It could be that the circuit breaker/breakers are getting weak and tripping at less than the current value they are rated for, (IE they are tripping at 25 Amps instead of 30), or whatever.

I did have that happen with the AC in my house. I Replaced the breaker with the SAME value Breaker, and no more problems.

DO NOT!!!!!!! INSTALL A HIGHER VALUE BREAKER THAT WHAT IS IN THERE NOW!!!!!! That could cause a fire!!!!!!


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If this has always been a problem, then its an overloaded circuit. A job for an electrician.

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