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hjs2009February 16, 2013

We are building a 1600 sq on a STEEP lakefront lot. The slope calls for shallow design, and will max out amazinf rear view. I'm interested in others opinion of this plan. We want 2br 2 1/2 BA with open layout. Expansive view from walking in door is a goal. We are still working on front elevation but want a cottage/beachy feel. Suggestions welcome on frontage. Having trouble with front curb appeal due to shallow plan.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Is there a lower level that will be finished?

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that looks like good use of the space. I'm not an expert so I'm hoping they'll chime in, but just a couple things I noticed:

- looks like it would be hard to access far side of the front hall closet (the part farthest from the closet door.) How about making that closet end where the door wall is, and then have another closet that opens into the hall by the garage. You'd lose a few inches of closet space with a wall, but the space would be more reachable. OR don't have a wall separating the two halves of the closet, just have a door that opens on the other side and position the shelf + bar for that half of the closet against the right side wall.
- swing the half bath door the other way - it will be easier to come into the room and close the door. You can move it a bit farther to the right, too.
- you could move the closet in the second bedroom so that it backs up to the back wall of the master closet. That would give you more options for a bigger bed or maybe second bed, if that's ever needed. If you want room for a dresser along that right wall of the BR, you could rotate the closet so the door opens into the little alcove below the BR door (rotate clockwise in my mockup.)

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All the traffic coming in through the garage goes right through the kitchen. How will the cook feel about that?

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Since you asked, to me it appears to be uncomfortably tight and poorly zoned.

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I have a lake house so my suggestions are based on what I've learned.
Move screened porch to off of master (so nice for sleeping with door open and easy outside access in the mornings). Move guest bed and bath to where screened porch used to be (you will have much more company than you do at primary home so nice for privacy. Is a big deal for resale. Current plan looks like 1/3 of view is garage and wasted.). Where current guest is can be office nook or storage. You will need more storage than you think because you will bring noodles, jet ski seat, life jackets, etc inside during the off season so they don't get covered by spider webs.
I also suggest moving 1/2 bath to area where you enter from garage. It is right off the living area where everyone congregates. Smell and privacy concerns.
Lastly, do you planto have cathedral ceilings in main area? It will maximize your view, but you should move doors for better center beam support. It might be nice to shift them left so easy to bring food in/out from kitchen.
It sounds like you have a great view and that is the most important thing. Enjoy!

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Yes, lower will be finished with more beds. Renovator8, I appreciate feedback but a blanket labeling of "poor" doesn't give me much help. Kgizo,Thanks for the ideas. br2 is for my daughter. Guests will be downstairs. We plan on eating on porch often and may put outdoor fireplace out there. Storage will be in garage since only 1 car will be parked inside. I'd like to move that 1/2 bath over there but can't seem to make it work. We like idea of coming in from garage into mud room that doubles/triples as laundry and pantry.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you are finishing your lower level then you want to be careful about where you place your deck. Any rooms below that look out under a deck will still feel like basement spaces and be very dark. We moved our deck to one end where there are no rooms below it. Our lower level rooms don't feel like basement spaces at all.

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I thought it was a 2 bd, 2 1/2 ba. If you have more beds I think the LA may be too small, but its hard to tell without measurements. Part of the LA is lost to pathways from deck to beds and 1/2 ba. If you haven't already use graph paper or software to see how you could place sofas, chairs and tv.
One more idea, it will add $$ but you could move cooktop to island and enjoy the view and interact with family while cooking.

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