Do you know what this part is called?

zamber8March 4, 2012

There is a black gasket/seal that runs along the outside of the glass top on my Kenmore range. It prevents crumbs from getting underneath the top. This has come loose in one section on the stove and I can see below the glass now.

I need to replace/fix it however I'm having a hard time finding out what this part is called and how I would go about fixing it.

Any ideas?


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Look up your model number a I do it for you, but you didn't include the required piece of info.

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The model number is 629.46775693. When I enter it on the sears part website it pulls up 629.46775690 which doesn't look like my stove and I don't see the rubber seal on the diagram.


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I think it's either a seal strip or a part they don't sell without the entire top portion of the stove top. I would call Sears Parts and find out what the part is called and if it is available for purchase by itself. Get the part name, part number & price. Then check the website for a price comparison. When ordering a part for our Kenmore washer, APP was significantly less expensive & the part shipped out & delivered faster.

Hope this helps!

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dadoes brings up your specific model, but shows a cooktop glass with black trim, not white (or almond or bisque?). Listed as Part Number 5706X164-09, $375. Searching by the part number, Sears lists $231.33. $257.54.

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