Critique my appliance list, please

SpecialK12March 20, 2013

Delurking after months of lurking and learning. Just getting ready to order appliances for a kitchen remodel and hoping to get some feedback. This forum is truly an amazing source of information.

1. LaCanche Chagny 1400
2. Rangecraft custom hood to match
3. Liebherr RBI1410 - 24' All-Refrigerator with BioFresh
4. Liebherr WFI1061 - 24" Wine Fridge/Freezer to be installed SBS with above. There will be a second fridge/freezer in the basement
5. Miele G5975SCVi - Dishwasher
6. Miele CVA4062SSL - Coffee System - may go with the plumbed in one, but my 6-year old current system is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen now
7. Sharp Insight Pro Microwave - KB6524PS

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Thanks for posting your list. We're in a new build and I'm in the process of compiling my appliance list.

In this new build design I've decided to go with a double oven so I'm using up wall space. I figured I would just have the microwave on the counter... next to the ovens.

I hadn't heard of a 'microwave drawer' before... can I ask how you are going to use it..??... I googled and a reviewer of this model actually had it installed "higher" [not exactly sure what that means] ... and someone else installed it in the pantry..

...just wondering how YOU designed your kitchen for this microwave.

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Jannz77- If you look at any of the photos of the microwave drawer that come up on google, 99% of the time they are installed right below the counter on lower cabinets. It would be hard to use it at any other height.

Also, your posting if off topic. You'll get more replies if you started a dedicated thread.

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Thanks 'realism' for your response.

Yes...a friend of mine just informed that they put one in their new build and now that I understand how they're used it makes sense that they would be installed right below the counter.

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