Searching for semi-frameless shower/tub door

rsingleyMarch 31, 2014

The exterior wall of the house I purchased last year is 1" out of plumb from the top of the tub to the top of the shower door. Ironically this was the same condition in the house I sold last summer. I have been searching for a shower/tub door manufacturer that sells a "filler" piece that goes between the wall and the frame. I purchased this for my previous home but the dealer is no longer around and I don't know what brand I had purchased. All the doors I've looked at can adjust up to 3/8" or so.

Any suggestions?

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Why don't you shim behind the wall to make it square, then find the right size door that will fit. Don't make the door fit the wall, make the wall fit the door. I don't think a filler piece would look that attractive. In a pinch, if this is the way you want to go, you could make it yourself- simle DIY project. I'm sure HomeDepot has all the materials you would ever need.

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I purchased the house last summer and the bathroom was already recently refinished but has a shower curtain instead of doors. To plumb the wall would mean demo, carpentry, sheetrocking, spackling, tiling, and painting.

Besides, I purchased a set of doors about 10 years that came with a custom cut "filler" piece and they looked great.

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Babka NorCal 9b

You might try checking with a local glass/mirror/shower door company. When their people have to install on a non-plumb wall they have the hardware to do that. It is so rare that walls in a house are perfectly straight, you are not the first person to want to do this.


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