Numerous car issues...

kyndal_raeAugust 1, 2008

Well... to start off, I have a '96 Infiniti G20 that has been giving me nothing but grief for the past couple of months. It has so many issues...

1) when I first start the car and accelerate, there is a horribly loud squealing sound for a few minutes. I've figured this is probably just a belt needing to be tightened, right?

2) There is a rattling sound when I accelerate as well, sounding like it is coming from the exhaust.

3) today I've noticed there is now an odor that smells like natural gas.

4) About a week ago, I got pulled over for having a headlight out that I didn't know of. the next day, the other went out. So I went and bought brand new bulbs and put them in (and no, I didn't touch the bulb...) and both were working. Then that night, the headlight that had originally gone out first was out again, and when I tried to flip on my brights, the working headlight shut off too. Then the next day, the other headlight was out too, and my brights still do not work.

If anyone has any ideas of what may be causing any or all of these issues (besides the fact that I just need a new car), I'd greatly appreciate it!!

- Kyndal

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That all sounds like little stuff to me. It's 12 years old so some things are bound to happen from time to time.

Your probably correct about the squealing being a belt. Assuming that's it, have it replaced.

You're also quite possibly correct about the rattle coming from the exhaust. Could be something easy like a loose or missing hanger, or damaged heat shield.

Don't know what the smell is but could also be related to your exhaust noise.

The headlight bulb problems are probably just a coincidence, but I'd have the charging system checked to make sure they're not being high juiced some how.

Bottom line, take it to a shop and have them look it over. Unless it's got a million miles on it already and everything is shot, a little maintenance and minor repairs ought to take care of it.

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