Bluestar Color Question

MichelleDTMarch 21, 2012

May sound silly but is it possible to change the color by ordering new doors (or skins - whatever they are called) if we got tired of the initial color at some point in the future? I have the question out to the rep as well.


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Michelle: A friend of mine visited the bs factory in reading and right from the horses mouth they said they would work with anyone who got tired of a colour in the future. Their CS really is amazing now. I also learned a couple of things about the company, but will not share as I wasn't there to ask if I could share the info publicly.

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I wonder if you could also go to a auto repair place were they paint cars and
have the doors spray painted. What color is your range?

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Well...I was going to go with Jet Black but now I want something more fun - a pop of red but worried that I will get tired of it and want to know if it can be changed. I could take the door and have it powder coated but not so sure about the sides.

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I ordered my Blue Star in a brown color. The side was damaged during shipping - a small ding that would not have shown but the dealer offered to get me free new skins -- sides, door, kick plate. But he said we would be on our own getting them installed. Since I was getting new skins I decided on a green color. The brown really didn't work too well in the kitchen.
When the new pieces came Blue Star customer service stayed on the phone and walked us through the re-skinning. It was not a trivial project as you have to remove the bevel and most of the frame on side and back to get the side pieces off. But it can be done! You just have to be very methodical about logging all the screws that come off so you can put them back on later. We managed to complete the whole thing in a little more than an hour, with Blue Star on the phone walking us through the whole first side of the range.

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There was someone here who had two Bluestar ranges, I guess one was kosher. And for some reason the order came as stainless and they sent new front door and vent skins later. I think they would have sent the sides, but she was o.k. with the stainless as it didn't really show.

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Thanks for the responses - since it can be done, I think will go for the bold pop of color.

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