Car Battery Story

jerry_njAugust 20, 2009

I have a 1999 Mazda Protege and just a few days ago replaced the battery for the first time, right the battery served for over 10 how good is that? It was a Panasonic battery, I didn't know they made car batteries. This car was made in Japan, or at least not in the USA.

Interesting stimulus for the replacement came when I had it emphasized to me that while an old battery may crank a car easily, it has little more than that in is total capacity.

I was thinking about replacing this battery for a couple of years, but it cranked the engine so well, even last winter (New Jersey). So I figured this summer I could slip by and put off replacing it in the late fall...wrong.

I was on "assignment" at a friends condo while a new garage door was being installed and I pulled my car up under a tree area and shut down to read a book while I was waiting. I then turned the ignition on so I could run the electric driven windows down, and forgot and left the ignition on... how much drain could that be (rhetorical), and sat back and read my book for about a hour. I then closed the deal with the installer and got back into my car to start it and "" was all I could get. I had to call my wife to come with jumper cables. The point of my story is that it is possible in warm weather for a very weak battery to crank an easy starting car and yet have almost no capacity left over after the crank, and only enough to crank the next time if it is driven far enough to recover that much energy.

I replaced the battery with an Exide from the local BJs (club discount store) at about $80 with tax. The battery seems to be a 84 month battery and is called a "Select" model, I can't find anything about the "Select" label on the Exide site...may be a special for BJs. Well the brand is a well know quality product. I was going to buy the upper quality battery Walmart carried, but they were out of the size I needed.

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