Good lunch gone bad...

thecarguyAugust 13, 2005

To make a long story short, the company treated us (me and several other co-workers) to lunch today. Naturally, I volunteered to drive since no one else knew how to get there. We got there and had a good lunch, but on the way back a co-worker in the back seat choked on her drink and lost her lunch. I was able to pull over after we realized what was happening, but it was still a little too late. I immediately drove my car to the nearest detailing shop and had them shampoo the carpets and seat. The carpet cleaned up pretty good, but the seat was still stained a little. I had some carpet cleaner, so I scrubbed the heck out of it and was able to get the stain out. Afterwards, I soaked the seat and carpet with Lysol and Frebreeze! Cleaned up pretty nicely (at least on the surface) Have I done everything I can do, or should I try a treatment of something else to ensure a complete cleansing? I'm not sure exactly of all the products they have available...if any to take care of this particular situation! What a mess. Any other suggestions?

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She must feel awful to have vomited in someone else's car. If the stain is gone, then I think you've done all you need to do. Makes you wonder about the quality of the work done by the detailing shop if they weren't able to get the stain out, but you did it with simple off-the-shelf upholstery cleaner.

Sometimes you miss the days of vinyl seats. Not very comfortable, but sure are easy to clean up. I remember as kids numerous times someone threw up in the car, always on vinyl seats, and cleanup was just a matter of a sponge and bucket of soapy water.

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I'd say you did a bang-up job, CarGuy- and not a pleasant task, is it ???

If no smell, no stain, what else can a man ask ??
The old VWs used the vinyl seat, very rugged, cleanable with a GI brush and a garden hose.Simply slide in and out..
Practicality has gone the way of the buggy whip ??

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Oh I wouldn't go back to vinyl seats for anything! When I was a kid my Mom had a 1972 Ford Station Wagon with dark green vinyl seats. We had to keep towels on the seats in the summer, or we'd fry our legs getting into the car if it was parked out in the South Florida sun! That's what I remember most about that car, how darn HOT those seats were!

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