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trisha57_nyAugust 14, 2009

I've been driving my HondaCRV for 12 years. It was totalled in an accident 8/5. According to consumer repts. The new RAV4, Honda CRV ratings are the best.

What I want is a Lexus RX350!! I thought at my age, I deserve it. but it's just not in the picture.

I saw an SUV parked on the road. I thought it was very nice looking. It was a Nissan Rogue. Looks like a Lexus, but $20,000. AND, very, very high marks from consumer rpts.

Also, nice is the Nissan Murano - but bout $28.

So, I could get a 2006 Lexus SUV for the same price as a new Nissan Rogue. What to do? wish all my problems were this simple.

But I don't want

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If the 06 Lexus has normal to low miles go for it. The normal off the lot depreciation is already done.

We purchased an 04 Lexus RH330 in 07 with 26,000+ miles on it. My son took it as a trade at the dealership - yes he's in the business. Since my wife has always wanted a Lexus, we did the deal - fair price for her trade.

The vehicle is running just fine and should make 200,000 miles with no problem. The workmanship, comfort and ride are exceptional. And unless you look carefully, you can't tell if its an 04 or 05 or 06 or 07 & etc.

Enjoy the journey.
eal51 in western CT

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I have a 2007 Nissan Murano, which is an incredible vehicle. The only complaint would be lower gas mileage; however thatÂs the norm with SUVÂs.

My lease is up 4/10 and I intend on purchasing a new Rogue because an equally equip. Murano is over $40K now.

As IÂm partial to Infiniti/Nissan, I would purchase the Rogue, Murano or used Infiniti FX Â though I believe Lexus to be an excellent vehicle also.

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Parents just bought a brand new Toyota Venza, V6, AWD, sweet car!! Toyota calls them a hybrid SUV (not to be confused with the "hybrid engine"--more in terms of the size) All the suv's mentioned above are nice. I have drove their venza, and its at the top of my list.

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