Torque converter 98 Pontiac Grand Am

angel123August 26, 2005

How do you check if your torque converter needs replacement? What are the signs that it is going bad? If you take it to the shop will the technician do a test? If so, What test can be done to show that the converter is bad? I have a 98 Pontiac grand am se 2.4 engine 4 cylinder.

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Hi Angel.

A better way to approach this is to let the technicians figure out whats wrong by telling them the symptoms your car is displaying, and allowing them to go find the source of them. Yes there are tests to verify that your torque convertor is operating as it was designed to. But at the same time, going in and suspecting a problem with it, without solid proof or reasoning behind that suspecion is a bad idea, and in fact a waste of time and resources.

So EXACTLY, what are the symptoms that have you concerned about "your car"?

When does it happen? First five minutes of driving? Next ten? After twenty? High speed, such as interstate? 40 to 50MPH? Under 40? Accelerating? Decelerating? Full throttle? Idle? Light throttle?

What does it do? Chuggle? Cause the engine to stall? Slip, as in the engine races but the car does not accelerate? No power on acceleration? Leak fluid? Smell, or odor?

Does it ever not do it? (same list as prior)

Do you have a check engine light on? If so what code?
Has any diagnostics been done by a qualifed, trained, licensed technician, experienced in electronics, and or transmssion repair? OR, has someone other than a qualifed, trained, licensed technician, experienced in electronics, and or transmssion repair attempted to diagnose the problem?

Thats a good start, I'll probably ask more once I see the symptoms. The reason I'm approaching this in this manner is these are the very same questions the shop should be asking to help identify the symptoms that have you concerned about your car. The better you are able to describe the symptoms, and the how, and when they occur the easier it will be for the shop to verify them, and find and solve the problem.

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Well, I was having a bit of a problem with my car cause everytime i would stop on a red light the car would stall like a choking felt like it was going to turn off. But i pressed the gas pedal 2 times and it kepted going. Yesterday the car was getting bad. This time i pressed the gas pedal and it liked choked, So i pressed the gas pedal all the way down and the car just did 15 miles. Then the check engine light appeared I smelled gas also when i turned off the car. So i decided to head back home cause the loss of power on the car then the check engine light appeared. So i turned off the car. I turned on the car back up but no power at all, like i said it just went 15 miles again the speed thats all it took. But the car starts. So im assuming torque converter or some other problems? Please help!!!

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One thing that I would check is the lock-up solenoids - if these stay "on" when they should be off - then some of the symptoms may be matched.
But this probably is not likely.
The impression I have is that this car is nigh dieing for a major tune up.

John G has many excellent questions which should be answered..

When I was workings as a mechanic, I would listen to the customer - generally they would be helpful..
But I would then road test the car and go from there, often completely ignoring the customer.
A vehicles maladies are often very hard to explain by an average non technical man and impossible for many women....

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Still no answer!! I guess im getting this run around. Ive explained myself pretty clear to yall about my car. Like earthworm stated hes ignoring this customer. I would not trust him with my car. Still searching for this answer. Anybody!!!!

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First, I don't live on my PC, I was away all weekend. So your not getting a run around.

Second, you have NOT described the problem sufficiently for me to know whats wrong with your car. One thing is certain though, I do NOT suspect the torque convertor (a transaxle component) based on the pieces of information that you have provided. Now that is not a diagnosis that is saying it's not bad, I'll repeat, I don't suspect it's the problem. But there is a definate problem with getting you to verbalize in a way that allows me to "feel" what your car is doing without me having first hand experience driving it while it's acting up. You cannot blame a shop, a technician, or someone on this board, be they a technician or not for your failure to be able to communicate to us(me) exactly what your car is doing.

FWIW, it's quite likely the problem with your car is engine control related. But before I type out a series of questions in order to attempt to draw from you what I would need to know in order to even try and figure out whats going on, you have to agree to answer them in a yes, or no fashion. Plus then add details as you feel necessary, without trying to decide in advance what you think the problem with the car is.

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Okay, I took it to a man who owns his shop next to his house . This is what he fixed. He said there was a engine misfire code 0451. Multiple cylinder misfire. He replaced the coil cover, boot set, 1 spark plug #4 cylinder. Okay i tested out the car it runs better. But still doing that hesitation again. Also, I was at the grocery, I had the car at drive all of a sudden the car wanted to stop .So i put the car on the neutrol and all of a sudden the rpm started to go up about the number 6. So i decided to turn off the car. Then restarted it and it turned back on. but still giving me the hesitation . I ve noticed also when i start the car i have to give it 2 cranks then it will start after pressing the gas pedal 2 times. Does this have something to do with the problem with the hesitstion also? I went back to the mechanic and told him about the problem. He said he coudnt find anything wrong with it. He said to leave him the car for a couple of days to see if it hesitates on him. Did he cheat me out? Also, Please help me find this solution on my car ?

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my car does almost the same thing its a 1995 pontiac grand am gt 3.1 engine. i can drive it for about 10-15 minutes and the whole trans will be gone but i turn the car off and start it again and i an drive away. when i take off it seems like i have no first gear, but then sometimes first gear will catch and it will drive normally, i was told that it might be the torque lock up solenoid but im not sure, the check engine light comes on all the time but i dont have a way to check the codes and dont have the tools to do so. if u could give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated

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ANGEL. You are describimg a throttle position sensor. Have
someone check it.
Grandamguy. Your not even describing the same thing. Sounds like your transmission is toast. A lock up doesn't
lock up until about 80 km. or 45 m.p.h. Send your car out and have someone pull the codes. You will not do this yourself and you will not read the codes properly if you do. G.M. cars will spit out 3 to 6 codes for one problem.
Then you figure it out. You'll go broke replacing parts until it is fixed, if you get it fixed. Some late production 95's had OBD 2. If yours is one you need the scanner to turn off the engine light. Have you ever checked the transmission oil level ? What color is the oil ? Does it stink and burn your nose when you smell it ? If the oil is brown your done. Good luck.

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Thank Kalining, Thanks for the advice!!!

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Do you know where the throttle position sensor is located on my 98 Pontiac Grand am?

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It's on the plenum where your thottle cable connects.
The little black thing with wires on it. Save yourself the
hassle and B.S. and send it out. If they screw up they fix
it for free providing it is the same problem that didn't
get fixed in the first place. Good luck and hope you get it sorted.

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OK let me jump in here. My son just told me his 1994 Pontiac Grand Am's tranny is making a grinding kind of noise but it seems to run perfectly. Could he maybe have a blocked filter to the torque converter? Does this sound like an expensive problem maybe?
It s a v6 engine.

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