Tight keyswitch and door locks

Pooh BearAugust 25, 2008

We bought a 92 Escort that had been sitting for 2 years.

The car had 200,000 miles on it when it was parked, but the engine

only had 35,000 miles on it. It runs and drives great.

When we put the key in the ignition switch and try to turn it,

it is very difficult to turn. I afraid of breaking the key off.

We have the same problem with the door locks.

Is there anything we can do about this? (such as graphite)


Pooh Bear

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You can use WD40 to lossen up your locks, providing the linkage is not seized up. Then MAKE SURE you add a light oil after. WD40 is a drying agent and will make things worse later on if you don't lub it. Graphite makes a hell of a mess. You don't see graphite on new cars.

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Pooh Bear

I thought graphite was recommended instead of oil
because oil collects dirt that can wear on the mechanisms.

Pooh Bear

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10-4 on the powdered graphite vs oil. I'd squirt spray silicon in the holes and on the keys and carefully loosen em up. Then after 2-3 5-6 days puff in the graphite.

There's 2 kinds of silicon spray: one has acetone the other doesn't. For this job get the kind with acetone.

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Did you try a different key?

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Pooh Bear

I only have one key. We had copies of it made.
The copies had to have a lot of 'tweaking' done.
Guy at the hardware store said I have a copy of the original
key and the copies he made were copies of my copied key.

I think I'll change the ignition switch.
And may install remote power locks.
I'll try the silicon spray first.


Pooh Bear

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