Which decoration would match better with the wall tiles?

janesylviaMarch 8, 2012

Which decoration would match better with the wall tiles surrounding the bathtub/shower? I'll choose either the yellowish wall tile on the left or the white one on the right (By the way, does the yellowish one look better?)


I need to decide the decoration very soon. Any input is GREATLY appreciated.

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The yellower one, with the trim on far right.

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Dando, do you mean the far right trim on the first picture matches the yellow wall tile? Thank you very much.

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I think any would be beautiful. I'm partial to the bamboo because I put a similar one in my bath and LOVE it. The one on the far right is such a different style than the bamboo; beautiful but not for me. All I could think about would be trying to keep it clean (all those curves and hollows). I think it really depends on the style you are seeking...the bamboo looks more sleek and contemporary and if that's what you want, I'd pair it with the lighter tile. I think the far right (in top pic) goes well with the yellower tile and looks more traditional to me. I'm not crazy about the size of the first tile, first pic...seems pretty big but maybe your room could carry it?

What brand is the bamboo? I'm doing another bathroom one of these days and might like to use that to coordinate with what I already have.

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I agree with Olychick because you've got two very different styles of accent tile there. The two scoll tiles are both more traditional and more formal than the bamboo so it depends on what type of look you want for your room. I really do like the scroll tile on the right and find myself using similar ornate patterns and materials. Then, as I look around my house afterward, I realize that its decor is more formal than I tend to think of myself... I haven't quite figured that one out!

Maybe Olychick could post a picture or a link to prior photos of her gorgeous room because it will show you what can be done with a bamboo theme. And we don't get tired of seeing it either!

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If you are including the dark green tile in the background than the yellow tile with either the trim on the left or the middle bamboo. The trim on the right doesn't look as good with the dark green tile in the back.

But, if on the other hand, you are not including the dark green tile in the mix than either yellow or white large tile. I prefer the trims on the left and middle with the yellow large tile. But all of the trims look good with the yellow tile. I prefer the trim piece on the right with the white tile and nothing else, but I would have to see it in person to be sure there was enough light color in that small right hand trim piece to go with the whitish large tile.

The color and pattern is personal preference, you get to choose:) The size of the trim is personal too, but generally people want the trim to look balanced and in scale with their room as mentioned above.

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As I look again at the yellow tile with the small yellow trim, I don't think they match well enough in color or printed texture. I don't think the large yellow tile matches with the largest trim color either. I do like the largest trim the best but not with these tile colors and textures. The colors are off or the texture is off.

So, I think I might like the smallest trim with the white large tile. I like the bamboo trim with the yellow tile.

But if they are at all off in color look for something else. Take the samples home and put them in your space and watch the colors in your natural light and if available the electric lights.

There you have it, MHO!

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Glad to see you're narrowing it down! I like the scroll accent on the far right corner of the top pic the best if you're going with a traditional look. I like the bamboo if you're going for modern look. I think either tile will work nicely. I do agree that before you order, see if they will let you take a sample home and prop it against the wall so you can better make your decision (you might have to leave a deposit). I know I was all set to order the darker beige tile for our floors until I got the sample in the house and realized that with our lighting, the lighter beige was a better fit.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for all the responses above, which are very helpful. These are Florida Tiles trim introduced to me by mydreamhome. Thank you very much for your help. I need to order them and it would take three business days to get it from Oregon to the bay area. So I've got to be hurry.

The trim of bamboo leaves looks very close to the yellow tile and does not form contrast or enough depth (the far right trim gives some depth). Should that be a concern?

By the way, the original sample has the decoration as shown below, which I posted earlier. Do you think these current trims look better than the original one?

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While I like the original one, I think it will become dated. I would go classic if you're set on using an accent tile. Going with a classic wall tile (like you've chosen) & no accent tile is the safest way to go & should be timeless.

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Thanks for the compliment mydreamhome. Here is a pic of my bamboo tile, which I love, but it's a very different feeling than what you are doing janesylvia. Thanks for the info about that bamboo trim. I really love it and plan a lower contrast remodel in my main bath so it might work out perfectly. you can click on the pic for more of my bath if you want.

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Thank you very much, mydreamhome and olychick.

Although I like the bamboo leaves the best, I decided on the 3rd one (the scroll one) in the 1st picture at last. This is because the bamboo trim does not look clean in its background part, although the picture does not show this clearly. I wanted the white tile, but my contractor said the bullnose color is a little off from the main tile's, so we chose the yellow tile.

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Congrats on getting your tile ordered! I think you made a good choice. Who knew it could be so difficult--LOL!! Can't wait to see your progress pics!

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Love that edge tile, olychick.

The yellower tile was my first choice, janesylvia. I think you will be very happy with it.

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