Pontiac Sunfire Transmission diagnosis

strowhatAugust 17, 2007

Hello, I have a 1998 Sunfire with 124k miles on it, that will shift but goes to third gear at about 55-60 mph It works in all gears. Also upon take off from a stop it is slow to engage and move forward. Like a Stall of the converter is keeping it from going. I do have another trans to put in but wanted to ask if anyone had this problem and was able to fix without a replacement transmission? Could it be the filter and fluid? They are full and not burnt smelling. Thanks Chuck (Strowhat)

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The transmission shift speeds are controlled by the PCM, and so is shift feel. A techincian needs to drive this and experience the symptom as you described, and then monitor critical inputs to the computer, and outputs from it controlling the transmission and engine. This is best done with the GM Tech II scan tool. Some of the aftermarket scan tools do not have all of the bi-directional command capability of the O.E. tool. While tools like the OTC Genisys, and the Snap-On (2500, Solus, or Modis) will do just fine with the inputs, and the commanded outputs if they don't have all of the bi-directional capability of the Tech II, then the technician will have to manually perform some of the command testing.

The biggest thing right now is you don't want to replace a transmission, only to at best end up exactly where you are, or possibly even worse off. Get it tested correctly.

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'96 2.2 Sunfire coup auto trans works OK but slips in reverse.
Any suggestions/recommendations?

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