Towing an SUV

deb_paAugust 3, 2005

We recently bought a motorhome that came with a tow dolly. After asking a number of people we get different answers. Is it ok to tow a Jeep Cherokee? We just returned from a long trip and saw many Jeeps being towed but some tell us it will ruin the transmission. Any advice would be appreciated.

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check the owners manual some tell about, the dos and donts of towing a vehicle behind a motorhome, also call the 800 number for jeep and give them the vehicle id number they can give you the answer. it depends on trans type, transfer case type so on and so forth as to if it can be towed without damage.

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A number of vehicles that are towed have manual transfer cases that can put in "neutral". This disengages the drive train from the transmission so they can be towed easily. But the downside to towing the vehicle is that while you're not actually driving it, it still racks up the miles on the odometer.

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Jeep Cherokees with certain 4 wheel drive options have a neutal position on the transfer case that disconnects the drive line from the internal gearing of the transmission. All drive shafts and the output shaft of the transmission continue to rotate, however.

I'm not sure about the comment that the odometer would continue to register. Jeep Cherokees of the last 10 years or more do not have a speedometer cable. Instead, these use a 'distance sensor' and a stepper motor on the back of the speedometer. This could be a self generating system, or it may require an external power source. A self generating system would continue to operate the odometer.

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