Honda accord 03 starting problem

sethb17August 14, 2007

Ok so I'm sure your all sick of Answering car questions by now but here goes. My 03 accord has dificulty starting when it sits in the sun for a few hours or more. It'll start,die and then for the next 3-15 mins I will crank her every few minutes untill she starts. New plugs, wires. Cranks normally, power is good to all aux's(lights radio etc..)Just wont fire. Any Ideas?

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This one is going to be a 'stumper' of a problem. The first step is to identify the cause.

I am suspecting a temperature related fuel feed problem. Try this the next time it won't start right away. Cool down the fuel log for the injectors. Lay wet cloths on the fuel log to cool it and if it starts, begin to suspect there is fuel vapor in the fuel log. Fuel vapor can form in the fuel log if there isn't enough pressure to prevent it, and if the fuel log is warm enough. Two causes are low pressure output from the fuel pump, or the pressure regulator on the fuel log is failing.

Please don't get trapped into thinking this is the only cause. I'm sure there are plenty of other culprits. I'm waiting to hear what John_g has to say.

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Security system problem, return this vehicle to the dealer for a proper diagnosis. There was a TSB for reprogramming the security system I believe.

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I agree with dnt1, ONLY use Honda service as they have a higher standard for their mechanics, plus the diagnostic equipment should readily plug in and see it's the security system. After another 2 or 3 years, you should check out getting another new Accord, they are much better now- I just drove an 08 two days ago and was AMAZED!

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It sounds like the fuel pump relay problem that older Accords were famous for. The relay (located behind the glove box) fails when the car interior gets hot.
The clue here is that it starts first then dies. The fuel system has enough residual pressure from the last shutdown for the engine to start and run for a second or two.

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