Valentine questions

PurplemoonJanuary 25, 2012

How many of you decorate for Valentines...and do you do much or just a small area? When I look for photos on the web to add to our Inspiration album, there's really not a lot for V-Day (or St Patricks). And as you may remember, I'd never decorated for any of those holidays before coming here, then suddenly it was EVERY holiday. LOL. Enablers!

I keep looking at our album pictures, and even pix of my Val decor in 2010, trying to get inspired. I didn't get my decorations out last year since Dad's health was failing fast and he died the day after Valentines. And now that has really affected me wanting to decorate this year it seems. (so much for 2012 improving my state of mind! Darn it.)

But aside from Dad's loss, there is Mr O. Because of him, I never even liked Valentines! He's the most UN-romantic man around!! I can deal with him being obivious to my decorating, but it just seems kind of dumb for me to do a holiday that is so meaningless to him. Tho I did decorate for a few years cause you guys taught me how fun holiday decor is. ;o) Enablers!

Anyway, I have been yo-yo-ing on what to do and finally told myself to either decorate this year OR get rid of those decorations!! Will see which way it goes I guess. But I am pretty sure from now on, I will forever remember it as the last day with my Dad.

(Can you decorate with hearts?)

Maybe St Patricks will perk me up, I am Irish. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I meant to say can you decorate with BROKEN hearts....
tho don't go thinking I plan to break all my heart decorations now.

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Karen, call the florist and have flowers sent to yourself and have the bill sent to Mr. O. :)

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OK. Here's my take on this:
You decorate as much as you want or as little as you want.
Do what pleases you.
If you're feeling like you "sort of want to decorate," then I'd say you might want to do a little corner on your kitchen countertop or a small centerpiece where you eat dinner. Just start out saying, "I really like the little bears I bought last Valentines. I'll just set those out on a red napkin." Or, "I'll just put out those cute red blocks that Luvs sent me. They look sweet in the hall bathroom."

Don't do one more thing if you don't want to.

The whole house doesn't have to look like an entire community of cupids live there. A tiny decoration may be all you really want to bother with.
Or maybe you don't want to bother with anything at all. That's OK, too.

As you know, I have a hard time letting ANY holiday go by without gunking up the house, but that hasn't been the case lately. Sometimes a person just needs a break.

Most of all, I do it because it makes ME happy when I'm putting all the junk out. Oh, I say I'm doing it for the grandchildren, or for my retired teacher friends, or for my hubby (who isn't a bit romantic, by the way), but I know deep down that I LIKE to do it. I put something together, stand back and take a look, tweak the left side, stand back and look, tweak the right side, stand back and look. Sounds like a pretty silly way to waste away the day, but I'm in Holiday Heaven when I'm doing it.

When it stops being fun, I'll STOP. And I won't feel guilty when I do.

How does that current popular saying go? "Stay calm and carry on."

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I add to my 'vine' tree ...cause for Christmas & Winter holidays it already has white birds & red beaded for Val Day, I add...I've done that tree since I've had's very versatile!

And, the Holiday Forum got me changing out the buffet & decorating V-day ...I'm never had any 'silver' & last yr I bought that bargain $$$ pitcher, creamer, sugar set ...joined this Holiday Forum in /08, I think ...

But, it depend on if my house is back tog. whether I get to do V-Day or not! New floors in LR, DR & kitchen starts Mon! Jeanne S.

Silver set polished up...from last Val Day, 2011:

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I plan to do a little decorating for Valentines Day. Probably just my tree...And I hope to do a TS.
I say I do it for the kids, etc, but really it's for me.
sometimes my DH would just shake his head.
Like OA said Just do a little corner to start and if you don't feel like doing any more don't.
Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

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LOL, Party. Your suggestion made me grin.

Jeanne, your new floors are going to be so neat and I know you are excited to get them done and sit back and enjoy them. Hope the 'messy part' goes fast, having to move stuff sure can cause chaos for a while. By the way, I'd forgotten how pretty your silver looked with Val. red around it. I love that. (and it doesn't look mushy romantic, so it definitely appeals to me!) As for your vine tree, which I've long been crazy about, it just begs to be decorated for any holiday and season. I am still on the hunt for a smaller, table-top version. ;o)

Nana, you are one smart cookie!! "Sometimes getting started is the hardest part." You nailed it perfectly
with that comment!! Between my pain and my procrastination, getting started is my biggest challenge in decorating. Or doing anything. I try to follow NIKE's old advice of "Just DO It". ;o)

OA, shopping may be the best therapy as Candy says, but you are a super "shrink"! LOL. Lots of great advice and some good chuckles thrown in. The Community of Cupids really made me grin. When I redid Dad's room into a sitting room, I put my collection of Cherubs in there. LOL. I use to put a few out a Valentines, and Christmas previously. Now they all stay out, in small curio and on 3 little box shelves
I don't think tweaking is a silly way to waste a day, its a fun way IMO. (As long as I don't get frustrated thinking nothing is working like I want. LOL)

My BF here said she is coming over to help me go thru the Val stuff and change my mind about getting rid of it. She is determined I should get it out. Probably very sneaky of her, she thinks once I see it again (after 2 yrs), I'll not be able to part with it. LOL.

You guys are the best! And Candy, I'm waiting to hear if if Mr O's "brother" is also allergic to romance? I hope he isn't, one of them is enough. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I do a couple of tables and a couple of vignettes, but nothing like Christmas.

Good for your BF there. You'll have a fun time going through everything and I'll bet you'll enjoy seeing all the goodies you've forgotten.

As for Mr O's "brother", last year for Valentine's Day, I set a special table in front of the fireplace and fixed his favorite meal. Once we were done eating, he did help clear the table, cause it was in the way to see the TV. Then he turned on the TV!!

So much for romance around here! I did get a card and he occasionally buys flowers.

Oh well, what are we gonna do? Rhetorical question!


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LOL, Candy, at least you get flowers occasionally. I just get a card. I understand the TV and dinner thing all too well. Mr O. prefers to eat on a TV table in front of his big screen.
I stopped trying, years ago, to do special little romantic dinners. Especially after one time when I had soft music on and candlelight. He wanted to know why it was so dark, and why the TV was off!! I gave up after that. LOL.
Like you said, what can we do. Nada!!

BTW, I saw this cute idea for a Val. decoration on Pinterest. Michaels has these heart-shaped bottles for just a $1.00. So someone on Pinterest added buttons in Val colors, and some are heart-shaped. I liked it.

hugs, Karen

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Karen I think everyone here has given you all the thoughts and ideas I would agree with..can't add anything else to what's been said.
I had to laugh over PM's advice. It made me think of a friend I had. She had a DH who stopped being a thoughtful romantic. So she decided to go shopping for her own Birthday/Anniversary etc, and buy something she liked or wanted and would tell him - 'Thank You for the gift you got me'! She said 'Life's too short and I've stopped thinking that it's not from him...I now enjoy the thought of what I would 'gift myself'! Sadly she's passed on, but I was glad she did what made her happy.


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PM...that jar looks just like the one in my pic above (almost) except mine is red glass! I really like this jar w/the ribbon you posted! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Oh, I forgot something... said you put your collection of cherubs in the now 'sitting room' that was your Dad's. You mentioned the 3 box shelves (I think that's like the one I had out w/the little elves at Christma)...anyway, couldn't you sprinkle around some 'rose leaves' or heart beads or something! That maybe would look cool for Val-Day!

Ok, I'm done! (emptying the pantry tonight...for the floor project starting Mon) there's a lineoleum floor in there! Ahhh, one thing leads to another! Lots of accumulation in 40+ yrs here) But I'm smiling! Jeanne S.

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Karen, yes you can decorate w/hearts for Valentines Day.LOL You can also decorate with a Broken Heart. Agree with everyone on do what makes you happy. It will be 10 years on Feb. 2 that I lost my DM and I still have alot of sad days.

DH doesn't believe in buying me flowers and I have enough diamonds so if I want something to decorate with or a new outfit, that's what I buy to soothe the soul. It's always fun to buy for the kids and gkids tho.

DD, DGD and I am going on a shopping spree tomorrow. Not a clue what we're looking for but hope it's a fun day together. I'll buy the kids something and get little DGS gift sent to him.

As I said in another post, I only have 2 totes of Valentines Day things but usually put most of it out. Our office is so pretty with the decorations that I don't feel the need to go over board at home. The little gal that works for me always tells everyone who comments 'Yep alot of love going on in our office'. Cracks me up every time she says it. She's a little fire cracker who loves to decorate so it will be fun decorating w/her. Maybe I should bring her to my house, open the totes and let her rock n roll.

Hope you'll decide to do some decorating this year. DD would want you to be happy not sad, I'm sure. That is a neat button jar and Jeanne's matches. How cool is that!


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I will begin tomorrow. All the snowmen get put to bed. I will be sad to see them go. As with every month I have at least one box of decor to get out. I have a beautiful collection of heart boxes some from candy most not that make a nice stack on my hearth. I have a mantel vine with glittered hearts to put up. I open my Norman Rockwell coffee table book to an appropriate picture, I have a X-stitch pillow in pale pink I received as a bridesmaid gift at my sister's wedding years ago. To that I add flower vases,candy jar and dishes. What I don't have is a salt and pepper shaker for my breakfast bar. I have a set for every holiday but Valentines. Why are hearts so difficult to find? Tomorrow will be a fun day!! I always enjoy change over day. Fresh,new, FESTIVE; adds energy to life! I stopped in today to find a new idea/inspiration. Happy Valentines day!!

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Arcy, I hope you will share photos with us. Your Valentine decor sounds like it will be lovely! I especially would like to see the mantel vine and the heart box stack.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Well heck, I'm way behind on my posts. At least you know you're not alone Karen. I agree with everyone else here....when your BF comes over, you'll see the cute things you have and won't be able to part with any/most of them. I say do as little or as much as you want to do. It is for you to look at and feel good about. I'm not doing much for Valentine's this year as we are in the middle of bathroom and kitchen remodels. I am going to get out my Victorian Valentine garland that I made last year and a couple of little things, but that's it for me. I do enjoy seeing everyone else's stuff inspires me for the future.

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I normally just decorate the dining table with a valentine's centerpiece and we also have a tiny table tree that I will decorate with heart ornaments. Because my two granddaughters live with us, they spark the need for cute things on each holiday!

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I just had reason to visit the tablescape album you created and keep up for us. Haven't been there in a while. It's so great! Thanks for putting in all that time.
It helps jar my memory.

Speaking of jars - love the button idea.

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Bliz, since your granddaughters live with you, I bet they will learn the fun of decorating and take after you. A wonderful thing to share and pass on to a new generation!

OA, I am pathetically behind on updating the table album.
I have pictures from here saved in my files to add to it and there they've sat for a LONG time!! Like maybe a year?
I seem to have lost a lot time without ever seeing it fly by. But I'll get them added eventually, and y'all might get a laugh at seeing what pops up after all this time.

hugs, Karen

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No Val-day decor up yet (due to remodel mess) ...but I did a little TS'ing yesterday & got some 80% finds ... Dollbaby got a new outfit ...she'll be wearing it later in the yr! & also she got this cute crystal trinket box(bout' 4" tall) for 40 cents!!! No pics taken yet so here's one on e-bay! (came in the original box, too)...I'm calling it a 'cloche' for Dollbaby! ;-)

Maybe I can decor BOTP's not 'under construction'! LOL! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Borgonovo Crystal Trinket Box

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I find my house looks empty this time of year, I was hoping for some inspiration so I came to this forum. DH and I took down the Christmas tree shortly after Christmas because we headed to Puerto Vallarta for a month. Then came home to an empty house and a full work schedule!

I love Valentines Day. My mom always gave us a Valentine at breakfast when we were kids and would also leave a small heart shaped box of candy under our pillow that we would find after school. It was also her mother's birthday. Almost twenty years ago her husband (my stepfather) committed suicide while she was in the house on Valentine's Day. I don't think the timing was intentional, but I'm sure she remembers that, as I do when the holiday rolls around. Because of that I always make sure I make a fuss over her. When she wintered out of state for a few years after his passing I would make sure to send flowers and had my kids making homemade Valentines and get them in the mail so she would receive them on V-Day or the day before. Now she's only about 5 miles from me (and doing very well!)

It is also my anniversary. I hate it when people talk about how much they HATE Valentine's Day. I agree with as much or as little as you want to! But don't HATE it! So here's looking for a little inspiration. You gals have been great. I never used to decorate beyone Christmas and you all got me into fall and looking forward to the next Holiday so that the house seems empty in between. I am looking forward to seeing Karen's inspriation album.

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Neesie, did you find the link on a previous post for Valentine inspiration album?

Sounds like your Mom really made it a special day, and such a shame to hear her DH ended his life on that day. But you've really done a lot to overcome that memory for her and I know it means the world to have you do that. And its even more special for you with an anniversary to celebrate. ;o)
Its funny, but until I found this Forum, I really didn't have any friends who enjoyed Valentine's it seemed. Some were single and hated it, some were just not into it except for their little kids.
I was beginning to think it was a holiday just for newlyweds. LOL. I sure learn a lot here.
Oh, thanks for the link, Geri.

hugs, Karen

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