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PurplemoonJanuary 29, 2011

I felt the need for some Retail Therapy, which I have to get online for now. While late night browsing on eBay, I saw this darling little girl and just thought how wonderful she would be in a Christmas vignette! Perhaps in a cloche. I've seen the Boyds Bears often, and think they are really cute, but never looked for them or bought any. This little girl is part of their Yesterday's Child

collection, from 1995. (they have a little police boy too that I'd love to have!! But he's very pricey from the one seller I saw. :o( Maybe I'll stumble on him sometime at an affordable price like she was. Anyway....isn't she a cutie?!

"Megan with Elliot and Annie".

Then a friend sent me a photo of the most fantastic vintage rabbit candleholders! Big. Expensive. But I just fell madly in love with them and decided I deserved (LOL) to spoil myself and I got them. I think they are so unique, and are done like a couple of my other hares in a style I really, really like. In fact, the one Jazz broke last week is one. As my friend said, they "had my name all over them". ;o) This is the seller's photo, she put the soda can in for size comparison.

By the way, Jazz broke another figurine today. One of my cherubs. That's THREE things this month... after several years of not breaking a thing! He's on a roll it seems. And all three were in places he's never bothered before. Darn cat. I hope the adage about "third time's a charm" is right and he's DONE now.

hugs, Karen

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Karen - Your little girl is darling and I really like your rabbits. I hope your kitty is done exploring and breaking.

I have a lot of police memorabilia packed away. Now I am curious as to whether I have the Boyds Bear policeman. I think I will check. I really should unpack them. My husband even bought me a PR-24 and a set of handcuffs. LOL

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Karen your little girl and her 'companions' are so sweet looking. I can see a nice Cloche Vignette for sure.
Love the rabbits...very much like what you collect.


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Marylee, here's the little boy one I hope to find. He must be rare as he's priced at $50. I paid $10 for Megan with the shipping!
Benjamin with Matthew_ The Speed Trap

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you deserve to spoil yourself and I'm so glad you do this Retail Therapy for yourself. Great new finds. You know we are all worried about you right now.

I hope you can find the little fireman boy too. He is darling.


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Those rabbits are so wonderful. I love the finish on them. Can't wait to see how you use them. I have a feeling once I see all your rabbit easter stuff, I will be out looking for more, and starting a new collection. Oh, will it never end! LOL


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Megan is really pretty & the rabbits are terrific. I can't wait to see them displayed when you are up to it.
Cats are really something aren't they? My Alvin is suddenly begging for table food which he never did before. I hope Jazz has finished breaking things.

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Ahhh, she is cute ...& reading a book! Like the Raggedy Ann, too! Yes, those candlesticks certainly called your name, PM! They are beautiful! And hoping Jazz is done with his handiwork! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I love the rabbits, they look like they should be chasing each other. Your little figurine will look great in a cloche. I only have one Boyds Bears figurine someone gave me and I haven't used it in years.

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The little girl has a really sweet face, looks like she is really into the "world" she is reading about.

I can see why your friend thought those bunny candlesticks were "calling your name". Just your style.

You are going to have to sprinkle moth balls or something Jazz won't like in all your vignettes to keep him out of there! Either he's looking for a good place to nap or is just bored and going exploring I guess!


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Your little girl is darling! The rabbit candleholders are totally you!! I can see we have some fab new vignettes to look forward to!!

I love retail therapy! Glad you could treat yourself. You certainly deserve it after the holiday season you had!


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Marlene Kindred

VERY cool rabbit candleholders! LOVE them! And your little girl figurine is very cute too...you definitely deserved a little shopping therapy.

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I am now looking for a confession....someone here made me cry! Someone in S.C.
My eBay purchases are due the next few days, and today I got two boxes. Oddly enough both from S.C. The first I opened was the Debbie Mumm Christmas Cat plate (picture on Luv's post). I figured the other was the Boyds Yesterdays Child. It was! But not "Megan with Elliot and Annie". It was the little Policeman!!!
I picked it up out of the box and tears started falling. I wanted this little figurine soooo badly, but he's rare according to what info I'd found. Boyd's did mostly girls when they weren't doing their bears. And the one place I saw him for sale, the price was way high. So he went on my Wish List! I just didn't expect my wish to be granted almost immediately! (with my sons being police officers, I just fell madly in love with this litte guy.)
The return address on the box said S.C. and had a name I didn't recognize so I don't know who here sent it. But if you are reading this, 'fess up PLEASE. Tho words aren't adequate to thank you for sending me such a SPECIAL gift.

Oh...about the Boyds figurines, they have quotes on the bottom and this one would have been the little bear speaking about being written up for a ticket. He said
""I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir ... because I'm not myself, you see." - Lewis Carroll.
I just love that quote.

I don't know what it is with you dear, sweet Holidayers...
but you sure seem to know when I need my spirits lifted.
I guess the 'magic' of the holidays extends to all of you who appear so magically in my Life.

I found out yesterday that its unlikely my Dad will be going to that care center, and looks like for now...I'm it.
So I'll continue what I've been doing here at home for him,
and we'll be ok.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Sorry your Dad won't be going to that center. I don't know what else to say. Try to keep your spirits up.
It is so nice that an online friend sent you the pieces you were looking at.

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Marlene Kindred


I'll fess up....it was me who sent you the policeman....I hinted in the card you got yesterday. I wasn't sure if the person I got it from would put a note in the box or not, but obviously they didn't. I'm happy that you love it so! You need a pick-me-up and I really wanted to get it for you, so enjoy it!! ;-D

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Ah...Marlene! Your card said expect a box soon, but the box came at the same time and not the state you live in...so I didn't make the connection at all. LOL.
I meant to add, the crying was all Happy Tears of course!
You've been such a caring friend from our Garden Junk days and I'm so happy you come to Holidays now too.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, that little girl is precious! She's going to be so cute in a vignette. Marlene is such a wonderful person to send the policeman to you!

I can't wait to see how you use both of them!

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Karen, so happy to hear Marlene made you cry "Tears of Happiness" with your darling little Policeman. So sorry to hear that it doesn't sound like dad will be going to the place you had hoped for. So do you have to start over with a different one?

Marlene, you are a sweety for sending the perfect gift to Karen when she needed it most. That's awesome.


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Marlene, What a wonderful thing to do for Karen!!

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hUGS 2 U & DD, PM...with ALL THE HARD STUFF UR going thru...very sweet, marlene... you, web friends, are the BEST W/ALL ur kind words, thoughts & prayers.

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