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marcia59March 20, 2012

I would strongly prefer a refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom that is NOT french door and where the freezer door opens with side hinges, rather than sliding out with one large drawer. I might be willing to think about a 2 bottom drawers.

I grew up with a refrigerator with that configuration (you opened the freezer door and there was storage in the door just as there is storage in a refrigerator door and then there were 2 drawers that slid out - I've seen the kind with one deep drawer, it's harder to keep organized and easier to lose things). This set up is surprisingly hard to find.

I see that Liebherr configures their free standing refrigerators this way. I've been keeping an eye out and every so often looking at all sorts of websites for years in anticipation of finally getting to renovate the kitchen. Has anyone else ever found another good quality company that makes a refrigerator configured the way I want?

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How large are you talking about? I've seen some Samsung's like this, but no larger than 18-22cuft.

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I just ordered a 36" Thermador single door fridge with bottom freezer. Bosch has a similar version. It's a single drawer freezer with two baskets inside. Not sure what a side hinge is, but the hinges on this fridge are the most solid, heavy duty I have ever seen. Freezer slides out easily and is completely stable, even fully loaded up. I think it's 14 cu ft. fridge and 6 cu ft. freezer. Layout is very roomy.

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By side hinges I mean the hinges are on the side, just as on a refrigerator door and the freezer opens with a door that swings to the side, just as on a refrigerator. I don't like a freezer that pull out like a drawer.

I'm not yet really sure how big I'm thinking, but I'll keep Samsung in mind. Thanks.

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Are you sure you really want a freezer DOOR as opposed to a DRAWER? I've used both (have a single door bottom freezer now) and really despise the freezer door. Just checkin'.

Have you checked out ajmadison dot com? They have a great sort function where you can select by any of the features and sizes you would like.

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Agree with breezygirl. I've had side by sides and two doors with the freezer on the bottom. A freezer drawer, for me, is much easier to use. Less bending way down to see what's on the bottom shelf, in the back, by the floor. Pull stuff up and out in a drawer instead of pulling stuff out from way down low.

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I grew up with the configuration I'm looking for. The freezer door opened to the side and had storage some storage in the door, just as a refrigerator door does. The door held small items and had a bin for ice cubes. Then there were two drawers that pulled out, deep enough to hold things, shallow enough not to lose them. The ice cube trays slid right in under the bottom drawer. All very convenient and efficient. I realize I'll never duplicate the exact set up, but I'm trying to get most of the way there. Liebherr comes pretty close, but no storage in the freezer door. I was just wondering who else has it.

For really big items and major storage, my parents had a full size upright freezer in the basement, just as I do.

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