Fiberglass Entry Door - which?

jcy2011February 4, 2013

What would everyone recommend for a fiberglass entry door? Am considering a Jeld-wen Aurora or Provia Signet. Any others to consider? Thank you

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Provia, and run the other way from Jeldwen!

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I'm curious, what do you base your opinion on millworkman? Do you know specifics about the Aurora door line that deter you or is it the general Jeldwen name (which I do know, has a bad rep)?

Reason I ask is, while we're not yet to the point of picking an entry, I know the Aurora line is one of the only ones I've found that has a speakeasy option. My husband loves this look and I know he's going to lean towards a door that can have one. I need some pretty specific ammo going into the conversation, besides just "jeldwen sucks" hehe.

To the op, I'd have a look at Thermatru as well.

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I have sold windows and doors for years. Jeldwen purchased a bunch of window and door companies that historically manufactured mediocre at best products and did nothing to improve them in my mind. Quality control is lacking in my opinion, customer service is average to below and the products are just not well made or durable, now this is my opinion but also that of most of the better window and doors pros that I know. Therma Tru is a good product as was mentioned above, you can also look at Provia and HMI as they are better still.

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We are looking at using Therma-Tru.

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How about Neuma? After talking to several people, Neuma seems to be a good fiberglass door.

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