Miele Combi Steam oven is on their website

homepro01March 10, 2013

I wonder what the pricing is? Anyone know the pricing and availability for shipment?

Here is a link that might be useful: DGC4084XL

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Yes - got a quote for 3495 yesterday - they are taking orders now for delivery in may. Decisions decisions are still in the midst of the reno and had waited
On the steam oven and am building a space to fit either
The wolf or the Miele . . .

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Thanks Katy-Lou. Not as high as I expected. Okay, now I have to find one on display.

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I just read through the manuals. The Miele seems to be far more flexible/controllable/programmable than the Wolf. It just moved into top spot on our list (though I still find Miele's user interface annoying - it always seems to take at least ten touchpad presses to do the simplest things).

Important note - the Miele needs about 24 square inches of ventilation to the back of the oven; that may not be easy to arrange if your cabinets + crown molding go all the way to the ceiling (you do NOT want to pull it from the space containing a wall oven, because that gets hot). In our case, we have filler to the side of the oven cabinet, so we can put holes in the side of the oven cabinet and draw air up beside it from the space under the cabinets (an advantage of euro-style legs instead of traditional base box).

The oven sounds like it will be about $200-300 less than the Wolf.

Miele 30" trim kits are eye-wateringly expensive (about $420 at AJM)! I don't know what the Wolf trim kit costs, but I expect it is not much different. Since it won't match the Electrolux oven underneath anyhow, I am wondering whether to trim it using wood strips matching the cabinet doors, which would likely save $200+.

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Does anyone know what the capacity of the Miele Combi-Steam oven is as compared to the Wolf's? We had included the Wolf's in our new construction's kitchen to be built later this year, b/c Miele's was only offered in Europe. Now, knowing that Miele's combi-steam is finally here, I will definitely look closely at this, since the Wolf looks so nice and has such a large interior when seen in person.

We already decided on the regular wall oven to be the Miele Masterchef Europa 30".


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I was quoted $3499. According to AJM website, the Miele is smaller than the Wolf Steam Convection Oven, 1.07 cu. ft vs 1.8 cu. ft. I tried cooking in the Wolf and was amazed and impressed by how large it is. I plan on purchasing the Wolf as my second oven.

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according to the miele website.. the miele combi steam oven interior dimension is 39L, or 1.37cu Ft. Wolf interior dimension is 1.8cu ft..

to be more precise, here is the miele dimension:
Oven Interior Dimensions 16â (406mm) W x 9 1/8â (232mm) H x 16 7/32â (412mm) D

here is wolf interior dimension:
Interior Dimensions
17 7/8" W x 11" H x 15 3/4" D

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@noopd. Where did you find the interior dimensions? I can't seem to find them for any of the Miele ovens.

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