Replacing the Ford Ranger w/a used Toyota pickup--help pls!

soozAugust 1, 2007

The Ranger's been a good little pickup truck. It's a 1985 model, automatic tranny, no a/c, just a radio, and we've put 137,000 miles on it with no major problem.

We just decided this morning to check out a used Toyota pickup, but haven't determined much more than we want a Toyota with a/c and automatic transmission. We don't have snow here in So. Cal, and we're not hauling huge heavy loads either. Don't need an extended cab or frills.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something maybe 4 or 5 years old? We plan to check out the Consumer Rpts used car issue at the Library on Friday, but meanwhile, I'm hoping to get input here.

Thanks in advance for any help!



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I have had a 2WD 1997 Toyota Tacoma for 7 years now. It is pretty basic with the only options being a/c, a bed liner, and a cd player.

It has been a great little truck with now 150,000 miles and I have had very little trouble over the years.

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Thanks! We are looking/test driving some Toyota trucks today!


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i`ve had both rangers and toyotas both good trucks, i would rate the ranger as more of a soft truck comfortable nice riding, the toyota more of a work truck, harder riding more spartan interior. both brands served me well.

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