GE vent hood needs to be raised--can it happen?

loves2readMarch 4, 2013

We bought vacation house in FL this past spring where the owners had done a big kitchen remodel. The electric glass cooktop has a GE SS vent hood with what looks like an extension added to part that drops from ceiling...

The bottom of the vent hood is curved and the corners are just too low--
I have hit my head on it several times and my daughter in law who is 5'10" or so hit her head really hard twice at Christmas...
I am afraid I will forget how low it is one time and poke my eye or get serious scalp wound...

We tried to get the electricians who did work on house right after we closed to raise it but they said not their type of work...they recommended a guy who installs kitchen appliances but after seeing pictures of the vent, he said we needed an HVAC guy who could work with sheet metal...
Our daughter had her AC guy who does commercial and residential come out after Christmas but he said he couldn't do it either...he said get an electrician...
So when I was in FL at the house a week or so ago, I called the company who did the kitchen remodel...they were nice and took the information for the specific vent hood--said they didn't need photos cause they had them from the job...and were supposed to get back to me a week ago...and haven't...
So I am calling them again...

BUT if they can't /won't do the work--who should I contact next?
I don't want to have to take this vent down and install another one just to have one 3 inches taller...but I also don't want to impale myself on the corner either...

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Without pictures, I'd say you need to find someone familiar with tin snips.

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tin snips night be the answer except there is electrical wiring in that stack someplace...
wouldn't want to cut that...and it needs to still be attached to the ceiling rafter in some fashion...

and just not adept at doing pix on this site
enough people complain -- you would think the powers that be would make it a little easier...

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IIRC, Dodge59 wrote up a how-to on this forum or on the kitchen forum. Sorry, but I can't locate my copy at the moment to provide a more exact reference.


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taking 3" out of the electrical is simply a matter of making a loop in the line. Or disconnecting, cutting off 3" and reconnecting.

If this is a chimney-style unit, usually the pieces slide into each other.

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Is this an island hood or wall-mounted?

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It is an island hood--and the ceiling in that part of the house is raised--more than the normal 8 ft...

I thought I had posted link with similar vent hood off an appliance site
It looks similar to this--might be exactly the one we have--
note how it curves vs being straight

Here is a link that might be useful: GE vent hood

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Do you have a model number? Sometimes the install manual has information on how to adjust the height.
Just go to the GE website and download the manual.

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