smileyroseAugust 17, 2006

Has anyone here driven a Porche before?

I've made a promise to myself that one day I'm going to drive one! :)

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I do not think I have ever driven a Porsche, either, for me, it is more thrilling to "drive" an M-88.
The Alfa Romero was a ball to drive, a nightmare to work on.

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I drove a Porsche 914/4 many many years ago. There are some who don't consider that a Porsche, though.

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i drove a friend's new '83 944 back in '83. He actually lent it to me for a couple of days.

Nice car, but I enjoyed driving the '80 corvette he traded for the Porsche more.

Both cars were fun to drive and got a lot of comments.
Of sourse, I didn't push them to the limits and frankly never would. IMHO, Most buyers of these types of sports cars never experience the true potential of the car to where it really makes a difference what you drive. It's about the style.

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You might be able to rent one. In some cities there are luxury car rentals. Maybe you gan test drive one. Or I guess if all else fails, can get a job as a valet parking attendant at an upscale restaurant.

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owned and drove a 914-4 for a yr., also known as the poor mans porche.

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One fringe benefit to my career is driving and working on a lot of different cars, including Porsches. I even got to drive a Ferarri Testarosa (sp?) several years back.

The last time I serviced a Porsche Carerra Turbo I amazed the owner. The first step of the service was a brief road test, and the thing handled terribly harsh. My first thought was I'd hate to drive one of these everyday. But paying closer attention to it I knew I needed to check something. Sure enough all of the tires were 15PSI over inflated. He was talking to me when I pulled it in from the road test as I put the car on the hoist and I had asked him how long has the car been so harsh to drive. He said he really hadn't noticed, and I told him I thought that the tires were over-inflated and he saw me confirm ny feelings from the road. He went around to his glove box and got out his tire gage, and confirmed it read 1/2 of what mine did and he threw it away.

He was amazed that I knew there was a problem right from the road test, especially on a car like that.

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I have enjoyed my Carrera 4 for almost 11 years. With all wheel drive, it is not subject to the notorious oversteer of older ones that scared (or worse) inattentive drivers, but it still has precise handling and ultra quick responsiveness to steering and your right foot. I wanted the AWD because it was the first and still only high performance car I've owned, so I was by no means an expert driver. The newer ones pretty much have oversteer engineered out for us boulevadiers. There are now any number of sedans that have more power and can outaccelerate it, but in a tight spot, many of those will handle like a farm tractor. If you do get the chance to drive one, just remember the responsiveness. Hit the gas and you get a lot more HP with more RPM.
As sdello says, you can't (and shouldn't) experience the full potential of a Porsche or Corvette in the US or for that matter in the UK (hello, photo camera tickets), but you can still have a lot of fun and be (mostly)legal.


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I have an older 911. It'll lift the inside front wheel accellerating hard into or through some turns. Squats down harder and harder the faster and faster you go... in a fairly straight line anyways. Broken tail light is about $499. plus the wait.

Its really not a car worthy of driving to/from the office. Likes rpms over about 3500 rpm , or you feel like its lugging. You're always in 1st or 2nd gear or sometimes get lucky and not a ticket in third gear with in town driving. It wants highways, curves, and rpm's.
Something about it just reminds me of an old VW bug though.

Nephews buddy brought his dads 911,or whatever it was 930 maybe, 8000 rpm red line,, brought car to me and a quart of oil because he didnt know where to put it. . Oil level guage indicated way low.
Dad had just used quicky lube or similar and apparently had gotten a 5 quart oil change. I put the quart in and told him to go buy some more and trust the oil level guage, it would know when full.

Young man .. He left for parts store for oil and I could hear it hit the rev limiter over and over for that drive of a mile away. Probably held 14 quarts.

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Have a 1986 944 Turbo. Went to start it up after a long winter and I hear a tapping noise coming from the engine, like a valve noise. Any ideas on this. I don't want to drive it. The oil hasn't been changed in a couple years, but I hardly drive it. 60,000 miles on the car. Someone said to put Gunk in the oil, run it for 20 minutes and change the oil. Any thoughts would be helpful.

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