Buddy doors?

nancitaMarch 30, 2012

Hi everyone,

We are doing a renno on our entire second foor. The current bathroom is located in a very bad location that can only be accessed by going directly into one bedroom. One "fix" is to keep the current bathroom door and add another one which would be accessed from the second bedroom. It would involve expanding the bathroom one one side into the closet which is directly next to it. The two bedrooms are pretty much the same size and share one wall so the bathroom could be accessed from both bedrooms? We are installing another bathroom in the hallway which the could be used by the third bedroom and/or be a guest bathroom.

There are only DH and myself. Thoughts on the "budd door" idea?

Thanks you.

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If the 3rd BR is on the same floor and there is a hall bath, why doesn't the 2nd BR use that too? I wouldn't give up the closet. Make the BR that accesses the bathroom now the master.

My two kids' BRs are at the end of the hall, bathroom (we're all sharing right now until we finish the master bath) is in the middle, master BR at opposite end of hall. It works.

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I like the idea for the most part. Would it work to not do the bathroom double door and have only one bedroom access that bathroom while your new one could accommodate the other two on that floor? Just wondering, since you will be loosing a closet. Where is your bedroom, and do you have a private bathroom for you and your husband?

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I apologize for the terrible typos. If the bathroom uses the adjacent closet, we are putting in a closet in that bedroom. The reason we would prefer that particular bedroom is because it's a corner room and has two windows. In addition, it's the farthest away from the stairs so it should be quieter.

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A floor plan would help. If I understand you, you want to make the corner room that currently has bathroom access the master? So why not have the other 2 BRs share the hallway bath?

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I think she wants to use the one they are expanding into be the master.

A floorplan would be a great help.

In general though, Jack and Jill bathrooms aren't especially highly regarded, unless you can privatize the toilet with only 1 door (otherwise, one door of the bathroom will usually always be locked and the potential for lockout is greater).

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