Billyg - question about your rangetop cabinet

cottonpennyMarch 11, 2012

I saw your photos on another thread and I love how your rangetop looks! I didn't want to threadjack though. I'm 90% sure I'm getting Bluestar, but I think it should be similar.

Is the cabinet below the rangetop pulled forward? How far? Is there space behind the rangetop (a strip of countertop)?

Are the little feet at the bottom a problem? I told my cabinet guy I wanted those and he said I would hate them because they would become scuffed and look ugly. So I reconsidered. But then I was thinking - we don't wear shoes ever so what is there to scuff them?

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Hi cottonpenny,

Thanks for the compliments -- the cabinets were built by an Amish shop.

The cabinet is pulled forward by 2-3/8 inches. There is about an inch of countertop between the back of the rangetop and the backsplash. I really like this setup, with no island trim, because it is easier to put big pots on the back burners. Plus if we are cooking something that will splatter a lot we can rest baking pans in that strip and protect the backsplash, making cleanup a lot easier.

When you do your measurements from the back wall don't forget that your backsplash material will take up another 1/4 to 3/8 inch. I also suggest that if you bump your range out that you also make your hood deeper. We have a 27 inch deep hood and we could have gone out to 29 inches without too much concern about head bumping. DW and I are both 71 inches tall.

Our hood is 70 inches from the floor. We made the cabinets/countertop along the cooktop 37 inches high to lessen the distance between the top of the cooktop and hood.

Good luck with your project!


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Is that soapstone flanking, Billy? Someone else asked that somewhere....

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Thanks, billy!

do you find that you stub your toe or scuff the little feet things?

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