I'm a little down today. Barak is getting my induction cooktop.

bethMarch 12, 2012

Ordered and paid for my Bosch double oven, and then did my taxes yesterday before ordering my 36" induction cooktop. First year without a dependent, no more "head of household". Didn't have enough withheld as it turns out, so - I have to write a check to the IRS that is exactly the price of the cooktop. Oh well, maybe this means that I was really meant to have the zone free Thermador in July after all.... No, wait, that $$$ will go to additional withholding so this doesn't happen again next year. Any ideas for a Plan B? Cheap all electric place holder? Max Burton induction portable? Blue Monday. It will all work out eventually. Hope Michelle has All-Clad and Le Creuset cookware.

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My condolences. Tax time is always somber for those of us who actually pay taxes, and it always seems like more than our share. The hard part is finding the balance where everyone pays their fair share, since the current system where the majority pays nothing (or less) is burdensome to the upper middle class because the lower class so vastly outnumbers them.

I hope you can save up soon for your cooktop.


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Have you tried looking on craigslist and ebay? If you have a few weeks before deciding to pay retail, something may turn up. I purchased a never installed 36" gagg induction for 1500. So yes.. it is possible.

Here is a bosch one available. Many of these are listed by legit brick and mortor stores who are basically getting rid of inventory. They will give you a receipt often and you can have warranty.



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Wow, lalitha! You did great. Thanks for the info. I'll go to craigslist and take a look. Paying taxes isn't fun but I was only trying to be a little humorous over yet another appliance/kitchen reno setback. Just poking a little fun at myself and trying to be lighthearted about my tax time mistake. It will be ok in the end, as it always is. Seems like that guy with the law - Murphy - has been hanging around my kitchen again. Guess I'll cook something for him on my hotplate. Maybe that will make him go away.

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Pasture - refinance your house with a cash out option -
Low interest rates on the refinance and then invest it to your comfort level.
The cash out becomes your own self financed Home Equity Loan - and only one payment!
Then as interest levels rise - you might even make some $$$
We were one (yes count it - one) payment away from paying off our house and after consulting with our financial advisors - we did it!

Crunch the numbers - 3-5% interest rate
Get back at BO -
-You get a deduction on the interest you pay
-You can invest it (to your comfort level) and make some money in the long run

Maybe BO will send you the induction cooktop in your IRS return!

Have fun!!

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Pasture, your post was fine. In fact it's a common experience--whenever you are just about to start a renovation, project or upgrade it always seems like your wallet suddenly springs a leak.

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Don't worry,Pasture19, your $ will go to a good use financing Michelle's next vacay!

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the good news is having to pay meant you had income coming in. Being able to pay what you owe is another good sign. Just think of not having it to pay or not having any income coming in. Health and happiness are a privilege. For us to even be entertaining buying anything new is a blessing. It will work out for you.

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LOL, delete every post remotely political except the one that started it? Why not delete the whole thread?
Get a grip

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