FORD Spontaneous Combustion

DNT1August 24, 2006

I just recently found out about the massive Ford recall of the cruise control deactivation switch some 900 thousand vehicles. The switch is hot at all times and it mounts directly to the master cylinder, the switch is apparently leak prone and when the flammable brake fluid shorts the circuit out, the whole vehicle can go up in flames whether it is being driven or parked in your garage!! I own a 2000 model Ford Windstar that has the switch but was not recalled so I did some investigating. Hopefully someone can benefit from this information. Ford has NOT come up with a replacement switch , on the recalled vehicles they simply install a fused section of wiring between the old switch and the factory wiring harness. This is good that they did this, but there are still over 15 million vehicles out there using that identical switch that have not been recalled including my Windstar Van. A google search will give you a huge amount of info on this subject although I could not find specifics for what a person could do if they had a vehicle with this switch that was not covered under the recall program. The cure is a $7.82 part from your local Ford dealer (same part they use under the recall but you have to pay for it if your vehicle was not recalled) takes about 5 minutes to install it simply plugs in between your switch and the factory wiring harness, it has a inline fuse and if your switch goes bad it will stop voltage to the switch and your car or truck will no longer be in danger of burning up. The part number is 4W1Z-14A411-BC WIRE AS 226006. I would encourage anyone with a Ford vehicle that has the master cylinder mounted cruise control deactivation switch to purchase and install the safety wiring, whether your vehicle was recalled or not. I think Ford needs to publicize the problem a lot more, but obviously it is all about the money as always. Me myself I do not mind paying 8 bucks and taking five or ten minutes to install it myself. I find that I sleep much better now with that vehicle in my attached garage LOL.

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They might would have to plan to close 10 more factories.If they recalled them all?

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The economic impact would be devastating to recall all these vehicles but the lawsuits that are inevitable will be even more devastating, more people WILL be killed in house fires caused by this KNOWN defect. As the switches age they are more and more prone to failure. Then FORD may have to close ALL their factories.

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How expensive is a new switch ?
There is more to this that meets the eye..Brake fluid does not ignite that easily..
Are "American" people trying to destroy both GM and Ford so that all vehicles will be Japanese and Korean ??
This whole thing - with Ford and GM losing so much money, and having to pare quality to the bone and beyond due to excessive costs (health care), over paid CEOs, overpaid union workers, obtuse government agencies..
This is insanity run amuck..
Sorry about the rant, but we are in trouble - or so it seems....
Ford and GM have become too big (long ago), like the Titanic..

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toyota has gotten really big, and now they are running into quality issues, and recalls. looks like as these companys get huge they start getting too big for quality control. whats answer who knows. all i know is they all cost too much for me anymore, any cars i buy from here on out will be used, which only helps me.

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Simple way to prevent a problem with that switch.What it does is shuts the cruise control off when applying the breaks.Simply turn the cruise off from the drivers controls like you probably should anyway?

As for Import brands not having recalls?They have problems also.

As for greedy workers being the GM Ford problem.I disagree there retiring.When they replace they hire lower scale paid workers that are called casual partimers.So they do not recieve benefits.Caterpilliar tractor co.Has also done this.Yes UAW workers.I worked for them several winters ago.As a seasonal job while waiting for spring season at my regular job.At the end of the winter I told them I would not be interested in staying or coming back the next winter.

Reason they hire anyone who walks in off the street.Some I wondered how they manage to get dressed in the morning.They worked on the assembly line along with my self.Who had this type experence and I did not stay because I felt I was under paid.They were happy and could not fix a sandwich.

My point is there are not over paid workers working in these factories making to much money.There gone or soon will be.The problem is the same as who builds the import brands made here in the USA.There who ever walks in off the street.They stay off the drugs a few weeks before walking in.So they pass the drug test.Then there building tractors and cars.Making 8 to 14 dollar per hour with limited to no benifits.Just like the Toyota and Nissan and Mitsubishi workers.

Some said YOUR NUTS!For not staying at Cat and paying the UAW dues.Why I make as much doing what I do.There not the over paid greedy UNION workers that so many think they are.There mostly untrained working for a pay check to feed there familys and doing better then they could any place else with out a college degree.Some acctually many can hardly speak english.So comunication can be a problem and at times makes for a dangerous work environment when working together and can not understand each other.

So dont blame the overpaid greedy UAW workers.My brother worked for Cat for 30 years as did many others I know very well.There retired now but still working different jobs.Example Walmart Car salesmen helping farmers or truck drivers or carpenters.Why work if your retired?Simple to pay for the health insurance benefits that were taken from them.Also to compinsate for the smaller pension then they were promised.

Why are cars tractors appliances any thing made in the USA not made like they use to be.Why all the recalls?Because the workers today are not the over paid group so many think work at these Sweat Shops.There the same workers same scale that work at the import brands made here.They build as much junk and the so called domestic brands.Just that Americans are on the Ego trip they must drive a Import brand.Its the style.

We did it to are self.We have only our selves to blame.We wanted Walmart and lower prices.The heck with the Mom and Pop uptown stores.We wanted to go throw away.So now we can just live with it.Grandpa said this was going to happen.Grandpa was a wise ole man.

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I am too lazy to switch off my cruise control - heck - I do not even turn off the wipers all the time , as I should..
But I do drive a Euro-GM car....

I believe these problems plague the Europeans even more than us...We are generally Europeans anyway...if that has any meaning...
I did read what you wrote, JohnDeere, it was thought provoking, proves that there are two sides to an issue..

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john deere first let me say that I respect your posts and see you here all the time but you obviously did not research the issue at hand. The cruise control deactivation switch does not switch off with the cruise control IT IS POWERED ALL THE TIME AS LONG AS THE BATTERY IS HOOKED UP whether the car is running or turned off IT IS HOT ALL THE TIME that is why it is such a big issue. The darn vehicle can burn any time not just when the cruise control is being used, lets not lull people into nonaction here. Of course on the other hand we dont want panic, the chances of your vehicle catching fire if it has this switch is very small but the fix is only 8 dollars I would feel irresponsible as $%#@ if my house burned down and I knew about the problem and did not fix it. I thought the issue was important enough to try to bring out in a open forum, I knew there was a good chance it would be dismissed, people please do the research then decide for yourself.

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You are correct I did not get my facts together concerning the cruise control.If I had a Ford I would be concerned.I use to own Fords and after switching to GM I found out it was not normal to have to take a car to a shop often for silly repairs I never heard of.Not recalls but just stupid things that went wrong in general.

I did have a 99 Cavalier that was recalled.For a fire hazard.If it cranked long the starter could cause a fire.I had it taken care of at no charge to me.I no longer have that car.But did feel safe with it in the garage after the recall fix.

Look at the bright side.You could have a Dodge Dakota that can loose the front wheels while driving down the road.

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