equinox wiper

joe_mnAugust 8, 2011

09 equinox. still has warranty. just noticed the low speed wiper setting does not work. service tech said could be a bad resistor. or loose wire. i assume the multi function stalk needs to be changed. but i don't have to pay for it so i guess it does not matter. i recall some blower motors use a series of resistors to vary fan speed. does chevy use the same scheme to control wiper speed?

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If the tech said that it may need a new resistor, then I assume that the low speed is controlled by a resistor in series with the motor.

These days, its tough to make a general statement about speed control and be correct. Electronics has introduced new ways control the speed of DC motors. If you really want to know, your best bet is to get a good repair manual.

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always use the delay setting. had a heavy rain and needed to use low setting. did not work. not sure how long it has not worked. i assume a warranty repair will swap out parts. figure most new car electronics is r&r, not repair.

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