my foot's getting wet

emiceekayeewhyAugust 16, 2005

There's water leaking onto my right foot when it's on the gas pedal of my 1996 Honda Accord EX.

The first time the water was freezing cold, so I thought it must have something to do with the air conditioner. However, today, it was very hot -- enough to hurt my toes a little.

Each time it was just a few tablespoons of water -- not a huge gush. What the heck is this? Is it okay to continue driving? For what it's worth, my car sat uncovered in the driveway through a downpour before I drove it today.



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Sounds like your heater core has a leak. Is is clean water or does it smell like anti-freeze?

You should probably make arrangements to have it checked.

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Maybe you can try some wax paper or a clear white paper towel, placed under the leak area, to make a determination...
Monitor your coolant level, if possible.
We had a 90% trouble free '88 Accord, but it was very difficult to do this - not a good design - but it never leaked either...

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It's clean water -- no odor or oily feel. It sure is hot though, when it hits my foot. I'll have to stop wearing sandals when I drive until this is fixed. It seems to happen when I go up a steep hill or around a corner. I suppose that could be a coincidence.

Okay, I guess I can't ignore it and hope for the best. I'll call my mechanic in the morning. Sigh. Goodbye $$.

Thank you!

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I had a Mercury Cougar several years ago.That every time it rained my foot got wet.Or the floor board would get wet if it was sitting out.Turned out it was a rusted hole in the firewall.The water came in the vented area between the hood and windshield and ran in near the gas pedal.Maybe the heat from the engine is making the water hot?

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Turns out that the drain from the AC was clogged, so it was draining onto my foot. A simple and, more important, inexpensive solution. Thanks for your input.


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That( a clogged drain) it what I thought it was.
This is very common, debris must find its way into the air box and then into the drain..
But with the popular cabin filter, I thought this event to be impossible.
My car is also doing the same thing - easy to tell - those cars with a good clear system leave a spot that would go a water buffalo proud.
But the '96 Saab leaves half the condensate on the rug and the rest thru the drain,,

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I wear sandals all summer and when that very cold or very hot water suddenly dripped on my toes, it sure startled me! I even started keeping a closed toe shoe in the car to keep my foot dry. All is solved, until the next thing comes up.

The worst leak I had was clogged drains from the sunroof. I'd back out of the driveway and when I went forward, a bucket of water would pour on my head and shoulder. That was in an '87 Honda.

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