92 Camaro A/C with R12

mapesiiAugust 15, 2006

I have a 92 Camaro with R12 A/C system. When I got the car it had set for a while. The A/C works but not real effiecent. The compressor seems to cycle on and off way to often. I have not hooked up my gauges to it yet but my guess is it is a little low on R12 from the long sit. My question is I have seen a product called Freeze 12 an R12 substitute. Can this be used in my system and without doing a complete evacutation and recharge(mixing the two)?

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Don't think so. If it were me, I just take it in for service. Dispite all the horror stories about r-12 being $100 per pound, it only cost me maybe $20 more to have my r-12 system serviced a few years ago than had it had 134a. Maybe it's a regional issue. Maybe there's some shops trying to cash in. I know for a fact r-12 isn't hard to get.

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Your vehicle will cool much better with the R12 that the system was designed for. And as stated above its not that expensive if the only problem is a low charge you may get off cheap at a shop. The Freeze12 is 80% or so R134a with I think 20% R142B. You are still supposed to have the epa cert 609 to purchase this stuff and if you get that heck I would just pick myself up some r12 if you wish to DIY. Mixing the two refrigerants will create a whole new blend Not Recommended

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