My lease is up in Feb.. having a hard time picking another car

sharon620August 13, 2010


Right now I am driving a fully loaded minus the nav 08 black Honda Accord. I love the car but... it was terrible in the snow! I am not sure why but it was all over the place. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is a 6 cyl with the variable engine.

We went to the point we point we put brand new blizzac snow tires (4) on it last winter. I felt very little difference. So far we had to replace rear brakes on it. I know our front brakes are going now because they are squeeling (spelling)like a seal. Also , Hubby ( ut umm) left the snow tires on all summer. And we have damage from a hit and run. Which we got a est of 500.00

Should I have another dealer buy it and what would you recommend in a AWD? Car or SUV My hubby has a SUV

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we have a 2010 camry now. drove fine in snow with terrible original tires. you must be a poor driver if you cannot drive an accord with blizzak tires. maybe you should take the bus in the winter.

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Thank you for your suggestion Joe. I am looking for a car or SUV with AWD.
Any suggestions ?

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I have friends here in Northern Canada that have Honda Accords and they have no problems at all, and they just use All Season tires! And we get a pile of snow! Parents have an AWD Toyota Venza that is great as well. Not too be rude or anything, many times its the driver and not the car! I know some cars that are extra wide can be a bit troublesome as the "tracks" in the snow are a bit narrower, but that shouldn't be a problem for the Accord. You stated your husband has a SUV, how does he like it? I love the Venza, as I stated my parents have 1---they liked it so much, my inlaws bought 1 as well--but they reside in Florida, so snow is not an issue,lol

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You guys are probably is me. I have always had a 4 wheel drive. I have had a Ford Explorer, Chevy Tahoe (loved it) a Jeep Grand Cherokee 8 cyl with Hemi Engine. And now my Accord. I am sure that is why I am all over the place.
There is no longer a use for me to get a large suv. Although I do like the Toyota 4 Runner, Ha ha
Thanks for your help and yes Airforceguy, my husband loves his Escape. And Thank you so much for what you do for our country

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Big difference between a SUV and a car!!4 Runners are nice--nice and pricey,lol! I have really been impressed with how Ford has turned things around. But so far me thinks the Venza is going to be my next vehicle! I really enjoy how it drives. Mind you I have not driven it in the snow, but my parents got around very well in it during last years Snow storms up in Northern Canada! My inlaws fully loaded 2009 V6 venza(minus the All wheel drive) in Florida ran them like $32500 + taxes

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