Which is better, acrylic or fiberglass tub?

ilmbgMarch 8, 2013

I am looking at replacing my bathtub.
There seem to be acrylic tubs, mostly. I believe I had a fiberglass one once.
Ais this material the same?

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I don't have single tubs, but have a one-piece acrylic shower unit and a one-piece tub/shower combo unit. They are very thick and solid feeling, no flexing at all when standing in them. I have showered in many fiberglass units and they seem to feel very flimsy.

My acrylic tub/shower unit is almost 30 years old and still looks good. I will replace this one soon when I do a bathroom remodel (only because it is harvest gold and I want a shower only unit). My children have cheap fiberglass units in their homes they look and feel terrible.

Both mine had some type of very high gloss finish (perhaps gel coat) and they are SO EASY TO CLEAN!

I think I read somewhere that fiberglass is supposed to be easier to repair if you get a crack - I have had no experience with that.

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Acrylic and fiberglass are not the same per se. Not sure if fiberglass tubs are that common any longer.

Acrylic has the advantage of being solid material, through and through. Fiberglass is a mesh of glass fibers and various resins, which is then coated with a smooth surface (what you see).

Downside is if that surface is damaged, you're into repairs which are costly and potentially impossible.

Acrylic on the other hand is a solid material - so you're not going to have the same sorts of problems.

I have a solid acrylic clawfoot tub and have had no issues in the daily use it has gotten for 5 years.

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Ok. Thanks. I was not seeing fiberglass anywhere so was wondering if they were outdated.

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