insufficient egr flow

johnohAugust 25, 2006

I have a 110k '95 Ford Contour 2.0 4 cyl, and mainly do my posting in, but we seem to be out of ideas over there. I have the check engine code P0332 - Insuffient EGR flow. It just started. Learning of the many problems of this car from the site, I have done the following soon after buying this car 3 months ago:

new wires/plugs

new timing belt, serp belt

new EGR valve, IAC valve, DPFE sensor

replaced cracked vac lines

cleaned throttle body

cleaned MAF

replaced all filters

The car actually runs great but I would still like this CEL to go away. Since the EGR itself is new and has worked fine for two months before this CEL came on, I doubt that is the problem. The site recommended I clean the TB which I did, as well as the EGR passages behind the TB. I do not know what else to do, but this board has been helpful in the past so I am asking for any further ideas. Thanks all.

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OK, what perameters does the system use to determine EGR flow? By looking at freeze frame data, when does the code set, cruise or decel? What is the DPFE voltage KOEO, (key on engine off), KOER (Key on engine running), How much does the DPFE voltage change when vacuum is applied to the EGR opening it fully at idle, that is right up until the car stalls. And lastly how high does the DPFE voltage go when the egr is commanded on fully during light to moderate acceleration? When running the KOER self test, does the EGR code for low flow set?

This is how a tech would approach this issue.

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JohnG.......This is how a tech would approach this issue.

A real technician - a man worthy of 40% to 50% of the flat rate. Todays cars are that complex that maybe half the bill should be the diagnosis...
This is much better than the obsolete prevalent "parts throwing at a problem" of yesterday and still today....Or a visit to AutoZone for a "free" reading of the codes...
I wish someone would paint my roof for free... lol.....

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Anyone who has a suggestion for me as to what to do is welcome to post. Thanks!

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I don't have a repair manual for your engine. That would be the first step - gaining access to a decent repair manual. You might be able to find some information on-line at your local library if they maintain a subscription to a an auto repair service.

First, determine if the pintle of the ERG can move. Usually, there is a procedure in the repair manual that will exercise the pintle. This will give you a starting point. If the pintle does not move, find out why.

You mentioned that the EGR valve was replaced. Were the exhaust gas passageways checked for blockage when the valve was replaced? Often, these passageways clog and have to be manually cleaned.

Remove and plug the vacuum line to the EGR. Apply a hand vacuum pump to the ERG, pull a vacuum and look for pintle movement. If the pintle moves, then next with the engine running at idle, apply a vacuum and as the pintle opens, the engine may stumble. If the pintle moves and there is no change in engine operation, suspect clogged passageways.

John_G has given the order of diagnostic tests, but you'll have to have the correct instrumnetation to take the readings, and then, intrepret the results. He's making a point that maybe taking the job to a qualified tech is the thing to do, and that the cost is justified if the problem gets fully identified.

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I have told you exactly what to do. Test and post the results I asked for and I can tell you what is wrong.

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