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pearlgirlAugust 21, 2009

I figured I'd post here for some info before taking my truck back to the shop for the very same problem. I have

a Dodge Dakota(now 13 yrs old...but runs like a breeze, as I've been the only owner). It will not idle! When I have to

stop, or, take my foot from the accelerator, it shuts off

promptly. Perhaps someone might have an idea of what this could be. I have a good mechanic (I think) but...I'm thinking that HE isn't sure what the problem is. Thanks!


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Does it cut out when hot, cold or both?

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It cuts out whether hot or cold. It only stays on if I keep the accelerator depressed a bit while braking at the
same time.

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It may be the IACS (idle air control system). Let your mechanic have a look at your truck, and describe the problem as you have here. I bet that he has seen this before.

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