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kimhojMarch 1, 2012

I need to be purchasing a large quantity of 3x6 white carrara marble honed tiles and seems to have the best prices by far.

Is there a catch? Are they a legitimate place to purchase good quality marble tiles? Has anyone had any bad experience with them?

Thanks a bunch!

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I ordered 4 12x12 mini brick mosiac tile for trim, great price with free shipping. The next day I got an email stating the shipping was wrong and I would need to pay $25.00 for shipping. I was very disappointed, as they had the only tumbled marble like that. So, I cancelled and ordered honed marble with free shipping some place else. Just be sure you get correct shipping price before you order. Or order some samples and see how that works out first.

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I ordered 3 sheets of samples from them and they arrived well packed and are good samples. You will want to order samples first. I believe the samples were shipped free. There is an ever so slight irregularity to the placement of the tiles on the mesh on one of the sheets. I expect this would be true on all of the mosaics, these are not the high end mosaics. The stone looks good and the honed mini tiles are pretty. If I decide to use the mosaic in my bath remodel as a trim I will order from this company. I haven't checked their shipping price though, so that will make a difference. I will have to look into shipping, as that my change my selection and start the sampling process over again.

BTW, I have a high end mosaic small sample I just remembered about. It looks not that much different from the samples I received from the tile website in this post. The high end tile is Danby and very pretty. A bit more beautiful than this web site samples, but not for the price! The Danby tile is over $30sf I believe. The carrara tile web mosaics are around $10 - $12/sf

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I think they performed a "bate & switch".
This tile is not from Italy as the website states.
It is white with some grey, but the veining is all wrong. I believe it is either from China or the middle east. DO NOT BUY!
I looked at the boxes the tile came in and it does not give a country on the sticker as it is suppose to.

I bought some "greecian white" pencil molding from home depot (which
list the product is from China) and it matches perfectly.

Do not be fooled. This stuff is already up in my bathroom. I'm so upset, I can't even sleep.

I'm not sure what I can do about this. If anyone else has purchased this tile, please contact me.

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I personally do not have any experience with this company except an acquaintance of mine used She purchased all her carrara tile (walls, floors and shower floors) at She was very happy with tiles and her bathroom remodel. I went to see her bathroom to check out the her contractor's work. I thought it looked nice, but I was looking more at how straight the grout lines were than the actual tile itself. Her bathroom was remodeled a year ago and hasn't had a problem.

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I ordered honed carrara basketweave tiles from this company and was pretty disappointed. The samples were perfect, some of the best I've seen. However, in my actual order there were several cracked tiles (which were hard to see until grouted), uneven edges, and many of the black dots have a lot of white veining, so the overall effect is not as crisp as I was expecting. Maybe this is just the nature of marble, I don't know.

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I dont know where to start but our story with this company goes back almost 4 months when we purchased from them almost 600 sqft of bathroom tiles. We basically purchased 2x4 tiles, 3x6 tiles basketweave mosaics for the floors and trims. First we order the samples from their website then we went their showroom to check the product. They basically showed us all carrara tiles and mentioned these products are premium quality and best quality on the market vs. They were so nice to us and as a novice buyer we believed them.
THEY ARE LIARS! BEWARNED their product is not from Europe or what they call from ITALY! IT IS NOT. WE ARE SUING THIS COMPANY FOR TRYING TO DECEIVE US AND JUST SELLING A FAKE CARRARA MARBLE TO US. We did not install their tiles on our bathrooms...It is the worst quality on planet. It is crystallized and it is soft almost like powder.The corners of 3x6 tiles are all broken and chipped. Later, our contractor said to us this material is commercial 2nd quality from CHINA. Then we tried to return the material and they basically rejected us as we paid CASH to them. THEY DID NOT GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK. Now we are stuck with their commercial quality material.
As a consumer i decided to express my feelings all over the internet so think twice before you buy from this company. They are selling fake marble and their customer service is the worst i seen. They basically got our money and got away with it.

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Registered just to post this: We ordered 27 square feet of the polished minibrick tiles to do our backsplash. I was nervous after reading some of these reviews even though the sample was beautiful and wrote the company; they offered to hand pick the sheets to make sure they matched the sample. All of the titles were beautiful and look just great. While you do pay shipping, the cost of the sheets was less than anything similar locally (couldn't even find minibricks locally). I wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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