Reputable restoration shop in Houston area?

whitneymacAugust 31, 2009

My husband and BIL inherited a 1956 Chevy truck that is in need of serious restoration and complete rebuild. Does anyone know of any reputable shops in the Houston area that could handle the full restoration?

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Actually, my husband just told me that the parts are all there in boxes, we just need someone knowledgeable to build it. Hopefully it won't cost that much!!!

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What is your definition of a restoration ? How far do you want to go ? I'm sure you won't be doing a body off restoration. You can't afford it even if you do it yourself. Chevy trucks arn't worth that much. If you add your time and labour your restoration will cost thousands.
If you send it out, god help you. I've rebuild a 1992 Taurus LX. just to drive it. It has a new motor and transmission. I've just done the front end and suspention.
I'm into it for $2000.00 and i drove it home. Haven't even
touched the body and it need a windshield, rockers, rear
quarter,left fender well, and paint. The paint for that car is $118.00 a quart. It needs 3 quarts. $150.00 for the clear coat and hardener. $80.00 for the reducer not counting sand paper and body filler. As your post says
" serious restoration " you could be in for minimum $10,000.00 plus. That is IF you are serious about the restoration. Very good looking truck though. If it has a
6 cylinder in it don't waste your time. I've been in this biz for over 40 years and i personally don't think you have a clue of what your in for. Good luck. Hay i've been
wrong before. It will be a very good experiance. Give it your best shot and hope you have fun. That's what it's all about.

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