Problem, help please

acdcrules22August 20, 2005

I recently purchases a '99 mazda 626 5 spd manual that i got for a really good deal. But I have a little problem with it. When I give it alot of gas and try to gun, that whole car jerks back and forth a couple times. I am sure it is not the clutch because it has been recently replaced. The only other thing I could think of is the timing might be off. I was wondering if anybody knew what might be happening and maybe how to fix it.

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This could be a bad MAF sensor(manifold air flow),but this is but a guess.
Do you have any service history ? The PO may know of this problem, even the solution, but did not want to spend the bucks..
I'd say this vehicle needs at least a real major tune up check and clean all the sensors, etc).
Were this a carburetor car, I'd say the accelerator pump, but not timing..
Good luck, but be prepared to spend the $$$s.

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Acdc Rules, how about getting back to use ?
What was the outcome?
Was I correct ? This will be the first time, if so !

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Possibly bad or loose motor mounts

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Motor mounts would be my suspicion unless he's describing severe wheel hop.

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The Clutch would be the first thing I would check. You said it was recently replaced and that's what leads me to believe your problem lies there. When it was put back together it's very possible that the shop could have accidently got grease or oil onto the disk or pressure plate. If it was very recent, as in still under warranty, take it back to them and ask them to inspect it. Was this problem there before the clutch was installed ? Good luck

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Sorry, I just had to add this.... LOL

Doc, it hurts whem I do this.... Well don't do it any more.. LOL

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There are any number of things this could have been. If it went to a shop thats experienced with these they probabaly got it fixed already. The most common causes of this symptom are a bad hose between the MAF sensor and the throttle body, and of course secondary ignition (plugs, wires, coils ect.)

But then again this is the problem with trying to picture what the car is doing just by the written descritpion above. Getting to feel the trouble, and then test and inspect for ones self makes a big difference.

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Well, ac-dc, you have heard it from the pros and semi-pros(me).
You have received some good advice..
With all this herky-jerkiness occurring - I still suspect the MAF system.

Please get back to us....not "use", but "us"...

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You might be able to disconnect the MAF and see if that changes anything. I'm not sure if Mazdas will run with the MAF disconnected..Fords will though, and that's how I found out that the hesitation problem I was having with my old car was NOT a MAF problem.

It was an ignition problem..caused, as far as I can tell, by grimy dirt from the sparkplug socket getting on the sparkplug insulators and causing a misfire. The sparkplug boots had marks on the inside like they had been arcing over, and so did the porcelain insulator on the plug. This had been the second time I replaced them too. After saying outloud "WHAT CAUSES THIS!!!!" with nobody else around..I had an epiphany and looked at the sparkplug socket which was quite filthy. I cleaned it out, replaced the plugs and wires, and it's been fine for 30,000 miles.

Now I make sure to clean my sparkplug socket before I use it.

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Vehicle firing electrical parts seem to vary greatly in quality, if you can afford it get the OEM wire set and distributor cap from a dealer, my chevy truck was burning out aftermarket autozone dist caps every 12k to 20k (4 in a row) last one I installed 70k ago was a dealer cap/rotor button along with a dealer wire set, cost about twice as much. I could tell no difference in just looking at the parts, all I can tell you is it is a much better product and I have had no more problems. Anyone else run into this?

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