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jerry_njAugust 10, 2005

Anyone have any experience with RockAuto?


They have a price for a very expensive exaust part that is about 1/2 after S&H what the local parts houses want.

For reference I found "eautoparts" to be about the same price.

I don't know either supplier.

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Some input and a response to start this post moving down the list.

I talked with my friendly neighborhood mechanic to tell him I had found the parts at half the cost. I had a printout and when he looked he said, it is the same part number. He was, however, unwilling to install parts I obtained, even when I offered to pay the parts "mark-up", something he and other mechanics try to keep behind the curtain. He was not interested. Hum, do you suppose his parts mark-up is 100%?

I haven't priced the parts at the same local parts house, but I think I will when I pick up some other parts I have on order.

RockAuto is looking better and better.

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I've purchased parts from Rockauto before..never a problem, except one which was not their fault--Wagner's catalog lists the wrong part number for a 1988 Mustang GT front brake hose, so I got the wrong part. My mechanic, who installed the parts, called his supplier who had the same catalog which lists the same incorrect part..turns out that the one listed for the 1989 Mustang GT is the correct one.

As far as your mechanic not willing to install the parts you supply..that is apparently a common policy...and not a very good one, if you ask me. A customer might want higher-performance or better brand-name parts than what the mechanic's suppliers stock. For example, Koni or Tokico struts instead of Monroe or Gabriel struts. If the shop doesn't want to install those parts, then they've lost business.

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Thanks, I feel better knowing at least one experience with RockAuto. I am after the exaust pipe header to catalitic. It is listed in the Wagner's catalog along with a diagram which looks accurate, i.e., shape, hanger location.

The mechanic I have used for work on my older vehicles may have lost a customer, me. As said, I was willing to pay higher than his "normal" hourly rate, and he is the one who determines how much time it takes. I think he does use standard times, but there is no doubt if he runs into trouble as is very possible on old vehicles, he'll bill for it. I can't think of any reason he'd have a problem with me supplying the part unless he is making a big mark-up or gets the equivalent a big kick-back on parts. He does put on a good show, when estimating a job he calls two or three part suppliers while I watch.

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Well the facts are in, my "trusted" auto mechanic's hands are dirty. As mentioned he priced a complex exaust part for a 1990 Mits Galant at $270, wow! He of course charges an hourly rate for his work: $65, less than the dealer charges, but still a "living" wage and sufficient to pay overhead costs at the same time. I always supposed he also marked up the cost of parts, maybe 10 to 20 percent, and much of that was due to the fact that he can purchase at a discount compared to what I pay. Well as mention above I found the needed parts and they came with delivery at a price of $130. So, today while at the one of the auto parts houses he priced parts at I asked after the price of the parts, $170, even to me, and that's $100 less than the mechanic wants to charge me. I'd be willing to bet he gets the parts for closer to the $130 line. In any case I get this picture: Time 1 Hour: cost $65, Parts mark-up $100, true cost per hour: $165, plus tax. I'll work on this one myself and may look for another mechanic, but my hopes of finding a more honest one are not high.

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I've done business with Rock Auto for years. They're a great business. They're much cheaper and often have a much better selection than all local auto parts stores and dealerships combined.

Many DIYers, side jobbers and rural garages use Rock Auto since auto parts stores and dealerships don't deliver to their homes, garages, businesses etc.

The delivery alone saves a small fortune in time, gas and vehicle wear and tear.

Rock Auto is also a good place to check prices to see if you're getting gouged by your auto parts store, dealership, garage or mechanic.

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