help with son's car!!!

carolb447August 24, 2008

My son has a 1994 buick regal. He purchased the car used 5 months ago, everything was fine, had it checked by a mechanic. The other day we heard a sound coming from under the hood while the car was parked and running, it had a intermittent chirping sound, and we noticed a faint amount of smoke coming off near the bottom of the belt. Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?

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I would first suspect the AC compressor clutch.It is perhaps getting ready to lock up?Or maybe the belt is slipping when it kicks in and need replaced.Hopefully its just the belt or perhaps the tensioner and not the AC clutch.

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Johndeere very likely has it correct, the AC compressor is in the bottom of the engine area, and it's a typical complaint of noise like a chirping, and if friction has caused enough heat, some "smoke" from that area.

Some of the clues are, metal shavings visible around that area. If the compressor will run, (AC is operational) many times you can cause a change in the noise by turning on or off the AC system.

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Thank you! One follow up, what is the approximate cost to repair?

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