Chrome or Stainless Flattop from American Range???

FreedbabyMarch 24, 2014

I am a Newbee here but have done a lot of searches on the site regarding appliances...we are building a new house and I think I have narrowed it down and am pretty comfortable with my choices.

I am going with a 48" American Range natural gas, 8 burner cooktop with the island back and the American Range 30" double wall mount ovens, french door top and chef door bottom...both electric one with broiler the other with proofing element.

My question is this:
They make a 24" removable flattop that is made to cover four burners, they make it in Chrome and Stainless....while neither is my first choice, I don't know which to pick. My preference would be Cast Iron but I don't think they make it.... I really want the one that goes with the cooktop so it will have the best fit.

Thoughts or any information on Chrome vs Stainless Steel flattop would be very helpful.


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