Trailblazer brake pedal softness

dave_mnAugust 30, 2005

This vehicle is brand new. I took it back the the dealer and they didnt seem to understand what I meant. They did bleed the brakes are the symptoms......

Engine running and in park......push firmly on the brake and the pedal slowly moves all the way to the floor. Yes there is resistance but it goes way farther then any car I have ever had. Vehicle stops just fine.

Can someone with a TB or Envoy please try theirs and tell me if I have a problem?

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Sounds like you need a new master cylinder to me.

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Maybe it is different from any other car you have ever had. Why not go back to the salesman that sold you the vehicle, explain what is going on, and ask to sit in another Trailblazer on the lot. Start the engine up and see if the pedal feels the same way. Maybe they all do what yours does; you might find out everything is OK. If it isn't, right then and there have the service manager come out to the vehicle on the lot, with your Trailblazer right next to it, and have him press on the brakes to see/feel the difference.

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Ross, I did that. They bled the brakes so they ackwoledged the problem. It didnt help. My friends Envoy does the same thing but he is clueless about cars. A brake peddle that can be pushed to the floor is not normal I dont think. I will call the service dept again and try to get some answers.

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FormulaRoss has given the best advice.

If the brake pedal does go to the floor with a very soft application- then the master cylinder is leaking internally - I think this is rare now.I have had this happen to me with high mileage vehicles..

But this is a different story and GM must properly address it - bleeding the brakes is only guessing, is no answer...

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Dave, if you just got out of some other brand of vehicle, you may find that the GM brakes have longer pedal travel. I've noticed that on my Chevy Blazer vs. Ford F150. They should not go all the way to the floor, though. Are you sure they're going down that far? Try them with your hand rather than your foot, and put your other hand under the pedal to see how close to the floor you can really push it.

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I have encountered this problem on many vehicles in the shop i work at and it might be normal for a brake pedal to travel quite a bit when your are at idle in park. However, you would never press the pedal that hard or as far down when driving. You would end up through the windshield for sure. In my experience your particular vehicle has this weird feeling pedal travel when you are idling in park but the brakes perform as they should when driving. Air in the hydraulic system would cause a spongy feeling not a fading pedal, so bleeding is not likely to fix the problem. if there is in fact a failure in the system I would be checking to see if the ABS module is bypassing fluid pressure by blocking off the master cyl. if the pedal is high and firm( no travel) I would then block off the flex hoses and check for pedal height and drop. if this is ok un-block one flex hose at a time and see how much drop if there is a substantial drop at a certain wheel I would verify the hydraulic circuit to that wheel. first by bleeding to see if there is any air. Then I would put my attention to the hydraulic unit. Though I am confident that this is how these vehicles are and you don't have anything to be concerned about.
Hope it works out

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