2000 vw air bag and check engine lites

kiche1August 18, 2005

2000 VW beetle,the air bag and check engine lites ore on, I can't shut them off,We hooked up the computer thing on it but can't get them to go off.

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What kind of a tool are you using?

(Name, model, software update current???)

What codes are being displayed?

Are they "current" codes? Or are they only "history"?

If current, are you performing any diagnostics for the codes being displayed, or simply trying to clear them without actually doing diagnostics and repairs?

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Sadly, the day of the economical to operate motor vehicle is over. The car or truck are slowly becoming luxuries rather than necessities - thanks to the environmentalists and safety nazis..
Other than a very expensive trip to the dealer(but some of this may be covered under warranty) the only other thing the car owner may or can do is assure that the battery is suppling the vital 12.0 volts(minimum) to the computer...

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How about getting back to us, Kiche ??
The outcome of this problem may be interesting.
Read what John has written, don't worry too much about my rant...
My SRS light also glows on the '96 Saab 900..

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