Give me a wine!!! Chrysler is giving me trouble!

sharon620August 13, 2006

Hello Everyone

I am having a problem with my 06 Cherokee. To make a long story short, the paint is peeling off the front bumper. Everytime I wash it the paint peels more. Chrysler will not cover it because they say it is scratched but yet it continues to peel off across the bumper far away from the scratch that is about this big. ---

I am so upset

Can I please have your input?

Thank you


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Half-seriously? Buy yourself a clunker of a vehicle. You seem to have very bad luck with new vehicles.

More seriously: You don't say how far up the food chain you've gone with Chrysler. Whoever is saying 'no' has a boss. Talk to that person. If it's the service writer, talk to the owner of the dealership. If it's the owner of the dealership, talk to the Chrysler "zone rep". If it's the zone rep, find out who (s)he reports to. And so on and so on. You could even try writing in to "Ask Dr. Z" to see what "he" says about the situation. They ask for enough personal information that someone in Customer Service may respond.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ask Dr. Z.

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Worked at a couple dealerships myself. The ones I worked for did stuff all the time under warranty that really shouldn't have been. Whether or not that's a good thing is can be debated because someone pays even if the vehicle owner doesn't.

Does the dealership you went too actually have a body shop? If they do, I don't know why they wouldn't just repair it if the paint is still under warranty. It would be no skin off the shops nose. Service writer fills out paperwork indicating paint delamination on the bumper. Their body shop fixes it. They get paid for the repair from the manufacturer, though at a lower rate than if you as a customer had to pay for the repair.

If it's out of warranty, that's another story. Even though the paint shouldn't become delaminated due to a scratch, you're at their mercy. Good luck.

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