2002 RAV 4---Grinding Brakes!!!

canuck_in_goalAugust 28, 2011

Hello from Managua Nicaragua! Wife and I are looking to possibly purchase a 2002 Toyota RAV 4 4cyl, AWD vehicle from 1 of her co-workers. Back in the USA I would simply just goto our mechanic to have him take a look over to verify its condition! Not so easy to do here,lol Car appears to be in very good shape, except for the grinding of the brakes. It also makes the grinding noise when your not touching the brakes, so unsure if maybe the brakes are not fully releasing?? She is going to replace the brake pads and hopes that fixes it. She didnt mention anything about replacing the rotors. Is their anything else we should look at? Thanks

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Disregard! Ended up not buying it. Which is a good thing, will leave it at that.

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